Letters to the Editor — June 8, 2022

Letters to the Editor — June 8, 2022

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ alternative of Andre T. Michell to co-chair an anti-gun violence process pressure.

I don’t actually have an excellent feeling about Mayor Adams’ appointment of Andre T. Mitchell to a place that sounds necessary (“Mayor names czar against gun violence,” June 3). The mayor’s description of what the czar’s duties shall be is imprecise, at finest.

Where did Mitchell purchase the credentials, no matter they may be, to serve the town of New York?

There are additionally questions unanswered about his management of Man Up!, a Brooklyn-based group that acquired $26.6 million in metropolis funding and was investigated for misuse of funds.

It’s very commendable that Czar Mitchell is serving unpaid, however my intestine feeling tells me there’s extra to this story than meets the attention. Is this particular person actually the most effective particular person to be holding this title? I believe not.

Dick Mills


Once once more, Adams provides one other resident knowledgeable to his regime, solely this time it’s Andre Mitchell, who will co-chair the gun-violence process pressure.

Lo and behold, Mitchell’s nonprofit has a darkish historical past of misappropriation of funds. But the brand new, unqualified mayor enjoys the fanfare of pounding his chest and pandering to the group.

Vincent Conti

Staten Island

Adams rightly criticizes the criminal-justice system, nevertheless it doesn’t absolve him in his function.

A brand new survey reveals the mayor at a 29% approval score. He can not deflect from his lack of effectiveness.

His appointment of a former felon as gun czar is his newest aberration. It was absurd.

The mayor has questionable judgment and reasoning, which is alarming. He tried to rent his brother at six figures and appointed as a deputy mayor a former police official who was an un-indicted co-conspirator in a bribery case.

He is thin-skinned as effectively. Adams stated he was glad he’s the mayor in these tough instances, however polling reveals the persons are not. He is actually over his skis, because the saying goes.

Phil Serpico


It’s wonderful that Adams has appointed somebody convicted of manslaughter, whose Man Up! group misused funds, as czar of something Why? Because he’s dumb.

In spite of his sartorially perfection, he’s a faux and can make an already fading metropolis inconceivable to stay in.

Wallace Lehman


The Issue: The Post editorial on the upward pattern of New Yorkers relocating to different states.

The Post editorial “Shrinking New York” is much more good than traditional (June 5).

This fall’s gubernatorial election is well the make-or-break referendum on whether or not my household will transfer out of New York to the greener pastures of a extra low-tax, police-friendly pink state the place crime is definitely punished and political leaders don’t flip a blind eye to unlawful aliens being flown in in the midst of the evening.

Moving isn’t simple and by no means to be taken calmly. But if the Democrats win and this dysfunctional corruption continues, it turns into a ridiculously simple determination to depart. As the GOP middle-class battle cry goes, “Zeldin ’22, or we flee in ’23.”

Eugene Dunn


The best residents are fleeing the town and state in droves for saner pastures.

I think we’re effectively previous the purpose the place this downward spiral could be reversed, even when there have been a will to take action on the a part of the ideological zealots who proceed to embrace and impose these damaging insurance policies.

Dennis Middlebrooks


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