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Probably one of the vital well-known characters on this nice epic, Arjuna has taught us many classes all through the Mahabharata. Being the third eldest Pandava, Arjuna was a significant a part of their success within the battle of Kurukshetra. He is actually an individual to admire. 

One of his best strengths is his dedication as a pupil, devotee, and kshatriya. As a pupil to his teacher, Dronacharya, Arjuna excelled in his research past Dronacharya’s personal son. As a devotee, Arjuna faithfully served the Lord in each circumstance, together with on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when the Bhagavad Gita was spoken. He selected love for God over otherworldly materialistic objects.  As a kshatriya, Arjuna understood his responsibility, and, regardless of the troublesome circumstances of preventing his family members, he put his responsibility first. Arjuna’s dedication is one thing very admirable, and, in the identical means, we should have the identical hard-working perspective and dedication that he does in our day by day and non secular lives. 

Another vital trait that we see in Arjuna is his attentiveness and focus. There is one well-known story that proves this. Dronacharya requested every of his college students to shoot the attention of a hen perched within the tree. He requested every one what they noticed. They all answered with related solutions, just like the tree, leaves, branches, and the hen. But Arjuna stated he may solely see his goal, the attention of the hen. And he alone was capable of efficiently hit the goal. 

Finally, we are able to additionally admire Arjuna’s humility. Despite being a really expert archer, and of excessive standing, Arjuna by no means boasted.  He merely served the Lord, the Brahmins, and did his responsibility as a kshatriya. He was not connected to worldly wishes however solely wished to serve anybody he probably may. And this can be a very admirable trait, as a result of at the moment, few folks have this sturdy service perspective. 

Overall, Arjuna is an unimaginable devotee, buddy, pupil, and kshatriya. There are numerous extra issues we may study from him, however these are simply the few that actually stick out. His devotion and dedication, in addition to his deal with a process, and his humility are what makes him a very wonderful character.  



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