Kurds in Bible Prophecy

“Behold, I’m going to fire up the Medes in opposition to them…” (Isaiah 13:17-18)

Kurdistan flying the flag for independence earlier than the upcoming referendum CREDIT: ALAMY

The Kurds

Boundaries of a proposed Kurdish state (

Today, the Kurds are the biggest ethnic group with out a homeland with a inhabitants numbering maybe 35 million. Their inhabitants spreads throughout an unlimited stretch of land referred to as Kurdistan, which consists of parts of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. Despite being one of many largest ethnic teams within the Middle East, the Kurds have suffered oppression and marginalisation, for a few years, from nationwide governments, who’ve denied the Kurds an unbiased nation of their very own. There is a Kurdish proverb that claims “the Kurds don’t have any buddies however the mountains”. Yet, it doesn’t matter what the percentages are in opposition to them, the Kurds are usually not going to vanish from the world stage…

Kurds in Prophecy

The final destruction of Babylon is prophesied in Isaiah 13-14, Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelation 17-18, and Isaiah 13:17 alludes to “the Medes” as members in Babylon’s destruction! The fashionable Kurdish folks had been recognized in historic, Biblical occasions because the Medes, and it is a miracle that they’ve survived as a folks in the identical historic location for over 2,000 years! Only one rationalization could be given – God has plans for the Medes.However, for God’s plan, the destruction of Babylon, to happen in Iraq as we speak, by the hands of the Kurds (Medes), the folks should cut up from the present nation of Iraq and kind their very own nation, with their very own navy. Today, we’re seeing what could be the improvement of those prophecies for a variety of causes…

1. The hatred of the Kurds/Medes in opposition to the Arabs, and vice versa, is steadily rising. Uprisings and persecutions, together with mass killings of Kurds, have marked the Kurdish expertise since 1953 (beneath the Iraqi Baathist Party). Saddam Hussein, as an example, has continued to oppress the Kurds in Iraq, even utilizing chemical weapons in opposition to their civilian inhabitants in recent times. This occasion, alone, makes it straightforward to see why the Kurds will enthusiastically take part within the final destruction of Babylon. Interestingly, roughly 10% of Kurds are Christians which little doubt provides to their current persecutions.

2. The Kurds/Medes and the Arabs are in a continued wrestle to manage the oil sources that may make both or each of them enormously rich and highly effective within the End Times. The Kurds occupy the oil-rich northern area of Iraq, making up one-third of Iraq’s whole oil reserves, and their enemies envy that.

3. The Kurds/Medes are, step-by-step, forming into their nation, and probably their very own nation. In 2006, New York Daily News reported:

“In the north, Kurdistan has its personal authorities, military and flag, and it doesn’t enable the Iraqi flag or military on its territory.” 

By definition, the Kurds have already shaped their very own nation! They now possess the 4 most necessary components which comprise any official nation on earth: a ruling authorities, a military, their very own flag, and recognizable borders (the Kurdish Army doesn’t enable the Iraqi Army on its soil). In addition, the Kurds in every nation are nearer than ever to attaining self-determination and are constantly working towards forming an unbiased nation!4. The Kurds/Medes are creating an more and more efficient navy power that is ready to overpower the Iraqi Arabs at occasions. After years of oppression and marginalisation, the group has emerged as a key navy power within the Middle East. The Kurdish Peshmerga is a more than 100,000-strong national military force! Despite that the Islamic State has attacked the Kurds and the Medes in lots of locations, the Kurds and Medes have just about fought the Islamic State to a standstill, and even recaptured greater than 100 cities and villages taken from them! No different nation has been ready to do this.

Peshmerga troopers put together to conduct a mixed arms live-fire train close to Erbil, Iraq

All of those elements may play a job in sparking the form of hateful anger which may immediate the destruction prophesied in Isaiah 13. 

Another attention-grabbing factor about this destruction, is that it seems to contain nuclear weapons, and this was written over two thousand years in the past! A neutron bomb wouldn’t solely soften flesh proper off a skeleton whereas the sufferer remains to be standing (Isaiah 13:4-8), however would additionally go away the realm uninhabitable for 1000’s of years (Isaiah 13:20). In Jeremiah 50, the phrase “arrow” is #xe chets, which might imply a dart, arrow, or javelin; or “any missile fired from an engine of conflict.” The two clauses: “as of a mighty professional man” and “none shall return in useless”  (Jeremiah 50:9) are each describing the arrow, and the Hebrew phrase, for the primary clause, is lk;f’sakal, which implies prudent, smart, circumspect; with perception and comprehension. The arrow itself has the intelligence and might’t miss! Sounds like “good weapons”: a guided missile or good bomb. Perhaps that is what the prophets noticed.

For the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon to come back to go town needs to be a centre of world energy and commerce. It is not but. However, it’s doubtless the longer term wars of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/39 will successfully diminish most Middle East nations, whereas Babylon, in all probability unscathed by these wars, and with no competitors, will quickly rise to satisfy prophecy. Nonetheless, it seems God is already bringing the Medes into place to satisfy the prophetic destruction of Babylon (prophesied nearly 3000 years in the past)!



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