Within the Padma Purana, It’s discussed that Kartika Month may be very fulfilling to Lord Krishna. Any religious paintings which is completed in Kartik month, its benefit comes with nice amount to us.

Importance of Rama Ekadashi

As soon as The Yudhisthira Maharaj asked Lord Krishna, Yudhishtir Maharaj stated that “what’s the title of the Ekadashi which seems within the Krishna Paksha of Kartik Month? What’s the importance of it? Please! Inform me ?”

Lord Krishna responded that – The title of The Ekadashi which seems within the Krishna Paksha of Kartik Month is Rama Ekadashi, and I’ll inform concerning the importance of this Ekadashi, pay attention to me moderately:

There used to be a King in earlier period named Muchukand, and he had a friendship with Indra, Kuber, Yam, Varun, and so forth. It’s being stated that the King used to be very pious and used to rule with Justice, and with this, He used to be a Devotee of Vishnu. He had a Daughter named Chandrabhaga, and Chandrabhaga were given married to Chandrasen’s son named Shobhen. So, As soon as Shobhen used to be together with his In-laws, and Ekadashi Vrat used to be very close to, Chandrabhaga used to be very hesitant as a result of her Husband used to be very Vulnerable and his order used to be very onerous. At the day of Dashmi, The King introduced with Drums and that used to be like -“It’s Ekadashi Day after today and all will obey the Rapid of this Ekadashi’’ . When Shobhen heard this announcement, he hesitated as a result of he used to be Bodily susceptible. He used to be having an apprehension inside of him that he would possibly surrender his frame! So,He (Shobhen) went close to Chandrabhaga and stated that “I’ll now not be capable to obey this rapid. I’m very susceptible, bodily.” Then Chandrabhaga stated this to her Husband that “Within the kingdom of my father, everybody used to obey Ekadashi Rapid. Even, Elephants, Horses, Cats, Camels additionally obey this rapid. Those animals additionally neither drink water nor consume Grain. So, at the Ekadashi, If You need to stick in my father’s kingdom; You’ll have to obey Ekadashi Rapid. Another way, It’s possible you’ll cross. Then Shobhen made up our minds to obey the quick of Ekadashi. Then began to obey Ekadashi Rapid. He used to be having very anxiousness inside of him as Thirst and starvation have been victimizing him. In that Vigil, Shobhen couldn’t maintain thirst and starvation, and he died. So, when he died, King Muchukand did his funeral with aromatic woods, however he understood his daughter that She didn’t wish to sacrifice her existence. Via obeying her father’s order, She didn’t sacrifice her existence and began residing in her father’s Palace. In consequence, Shobhen tries to obey the quick of Rama Ekadashi. 

This used to be the kind of Kingdom, Wherein :

1.No loss of Cash can seem, ever.

2. It can’t be attacked through Enemy, ever.

3. There have been such a lot of servants to be had.

4. There used to be a Palace within the kingdom which used to be adorned with Gem stones like Vaidurya Gem.

So, as soon as, from the dominion of King Muchukunda, a Bhraman named Saum reached at the Madiranchal hill all the way through the Pilgrim excursion, and there he noticed Shobhen and recognized Shobhen that He’s the Son-in-Regulation of King Muchukand and the Husband of Chandrabhaga and likewise when Shobhen noticed the Saum Brahmin, he additionally identified Saum Brahmin, and he got here from his Royal Throne and welcomed him. The Saum Brahmin used to be astonished that how the Shobhen got that such best Palace! He used to be curious to grasp what had Shobhen performed, so he were given this type of groovy kingdom and the Palace? Then Shobhen stated to Brahmin that “As as a result of I’ve attempted to obey the quick of Rama Ekadashi which seems within the Kartik month, because of that take a look at, I were given this kingdom however this kingdom which I got, It’s volatile.” When Brahmin heard that the dominion used to be volatile, he requested Shobhen “what’s the reason why at the back of in it’s unstableness” then Shobhen defined that as a result of he obeyed the quick however now not with devotion, that’s why all of it used to be volatile! So, on the Brahmin’s request, Shobhen instructed Brahmin that if his spouse ( Chandra Bhaga) have been introduced right here, all unstableness would turn into balance. Then the Brahmin went off and the entire scene which he noticed, he instructed to Chandrabhaga and when the Changrabhaga heard that, She were given too glad that She would get an opportunity to satisfy her husband, however she requested Brahmin that has he heard the entire scene or had he watched the entire scene through his Eyes? Then the Brahmin stated to Chandrabhaga, “I noticed your Husband with my Eyes and I want to let you know that the type of your Husband, the dominion of him is the same as Demigods. However his position is volatile and we need to find the answer of it, that methods to make it strong”. When Chandrabhaga heard this then the will to satisfy her Husband were given greater in her. She asked Brahmin that “please ! take me as regards to my husband as a result of I’m now not in a position to bear the separation of my husband, extra.”

Then, Chandrabhaga reached Mandir Anchal hill with Brahmin Saum. So, to begin with, they went to Vamdev’s Ashram, there. Then within the sage’s ashram, the Abhishek is made from Chandrabhaga, and through the sage’s mercy and blessing, Chandrabhaga accomplished a divine shape, and after this, when the Chandrabhaga met her Husband. Then her Husband (Shobhen) gave her a seat to the left of him. When Chandrabhaga sat, she stated to Shobhen that From the age of 8 yrs, she used to be obeying the quick of Ekadashi, and beneath that, the dominion can be transformed right into a strong shape. So, that is how Chandrabhaga started to are living together with her Husband on Mandiranchal hill.

Lord Krishna articulates to Yudhishtir Maharaj that “o King! This used to be the importance of the Rama Ekadashi which seems within the Krishna paksha of Kartik month.”


The one that strictly follows the Vrat or Vows of this Rama Ekadashi, his all needs get fulfilled.

Tips on how to Make Ekadashi Joyful

So, when the Devotees listen the Glorification of Rama Ekadashi, then the query comes inside of them that “what penance, they may be able to do?”

So, the most efficient way is to stay the quick of Ekadashi as “Nirjala”(with out water), through which we don’t consumption water. If one can’t do this, then one can consumption some water. If considering that even this will’t be performed, then Devotee can consumption some end result and Juice. And If a devotee has to consume one thing, then cook dinner the food-related to Ekadashi, be offering it to Krishna and settle for simplest that meals At the day of Ekadashi:

  • Chant increasingly
  • Studying Scriptures
  • Listening to 
  • Talk over with Temple and Darshan of Lord Krishna
  • Do Kirtan /Bhajan with Devotees
  • Attend Mangla Aarti 

Via those efforts, we will be able to make our Ekadashi a hit.

Rama Ekadashi ki Jai

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish ki Jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)

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