Kirtan Mela 2022

Kirtan Mela 2022
By Mayapur TV   |  Mar 15, 2022

Kirtan Mela Day – 4 Sri Dham Mayapur – March 14, 2022

In the light of the severe humanitarian crisis that is being brought by the current war in Ukraine we want to dedicate Kirtan Mela 2022 to pray to our mercif…

In the sunshine of the extreme humanitarian disaster that’s being led to by the present battle in Ukraine we need to dedicate Kirtan Mela 2022 to hope to our merciful Lords Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Panca Tattwa, and Lord Nrisimhadev for the safety of their devotees affected by this battle, for safeguarding their lives and their Krishna Consciousness, and provides all of them the hope and assist we will. We additionally need to use this occasion to render some sensible service, to see how one can assist the Ukrainian devotees please go to




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