Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repair Service Experts | Troubleshoot Your Cooling System » Residence Style

Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repair Service Experts | Troubleshoot Your Cooling System » Residence Style

Many people in Irvine, CA (throughout the country) try to find any way to remain cool in the sweltering summer heat. The primary source of relief is our faithful air conditioning system.  Unfortunately, everyone has become so reliant on their system that it is challenging to withstand the conditions if something happens to the unit, even for a brief period. 

Fortunately, there are expert air conditioning contractors; check at for an example of a trusted provider in your local Irvine, CA, area. These professionals want to encourage users to make their usage as efficient as possible, plus look for ways to reduce the need for air conditioning, occasionally being resourceful in cooling or keeping the house cool with other means. 

The idea is to look at the summertime with a different “mind’s eye.” Instead of feeling pressure to cool the environment, look for ways to keep the heat out in the first place. Let’s look at some tips and tricks.

As a country that has become intensely reliant on air conditioning to bring cool air into our homes when the sweltering summer sun beats down, many of us also tend to be less energy efficient than we could be. While it is virtually impossible to go without some sort of cooling system without having resultant health repercussions, there are things each person can do to make their usage more efficient. 

Possibly find other resources to keep the heat out. Then on days when the temperatures outside are less severe, the air conditioner can have the day off. Let us look at a few tips that encourage efficiency. Go here for air conditioning energy-saving tips.

Air leaks need to be sealed regardless of whether you reside in a condominium, single-family house, or apartment. If you have a residence no one ever took the time to seal, you will have heat coming in varied locations, especially if you have an attic or basement space. 

The recommendation is to have a thorough inspection complete with a (quote) “blower door test” (end quote) and then get any exposed areas sealed before summer sets in.

  • Make the sun and heat unwelcome

When the sun goes down at night, you should open the shades, curtains, or blinds and even open the windows if there is a breeze in the climate where you live to give the air conditioning a break. This will keep the house nice and cool at night, getting the heat from the day out.

Before the sun returns in the morning, go through and close all the windows and reapply the window treatments. 

In the days of old, if you will, people would put shutters on the outside of homes to keep the heat out in the daytime. They also planted trees and used “pergolas” or other artificial elements to create shade outside their windows. They knew a thing or two about conserving energy back in that time, but it might not have been quite as hot either.

People who still use incandescent bulbs are doing themselves a grave disservice. These emit a great deal of heat. If you use these, toss them out in favor of the new and improved bulbs, LED or halogen. 

  • Live a little . . . differently

A lifestyle change is not always easy, but often it is for the greatest good. Most people will likely be on board if it means energy efficiency and saving money. One of the things you can do in the summer heat is to avoid using heat-producing appliances. 

Instead of drying your laundry, place a line between two trees and hang the clothes on a sweltering day. They will dry quickly and smell awesome from being outdoors.

Changing your diet might not be too challenging because often, people do not have a big appetite for heavy hot foods. The suggestion is to enjoy more cold dishes that you do not need to prepare in the oven, like salads, soups, and sandwiches, or use the grill for barbecuing your favorite meats.

Final Thought

The lazy days of summer can be debilitating if you do not have a cooling resource. It is an essential component in the home, but it is also one that we need to cut a break occasionally and learn how to use much more efficiently. 

With an expert AC contractor maintaining the system annually, you will receive instructions on care and upkeep for optimum performance and guidance on efficient use. 

These professionals not only ensure that your system is functional throughout the hottest part of the year, but they can give you suggestions on keeping heat out of the home, so the system does not have to work quite so hard.



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