House Of The Dragon’s Criston Cole Is The Stupidest Man In Westeros Since Ned Stark

Things obtained difficult when Rhaenyra had sex with Criston, even when it appeared consensual. That’s as a result of Ser Criston Cole is definitely a humongous fool and an entire moron who can’t shut his pie gap for a minute. You see, Rhaenyra took a liking to Ser Criston, who appeared to have finished the identical.

So when Rhaenyra was pressured to marry, she advised she and Ser Criston continued seeing one another on the facet whereas she carried out her duties in public — an excellent deal, proper? A non-noble knight attending to be a member of a prestigious group whereas additionally having the love of probably the most highly effective particular person in Westeros? Sweet! Not for Criston, although.

You see, Criston isn’t the sort of man who would permit himself to easily be content material with job and the love of a girl. He can’t fathom the thought of being with a robust girl whereas he’s her paramour (whereas most likely being wonderful with the reverse). He scoffs at Rhaenyra’s suggestion that they stay together after she marries by saying that will make him her whore. Instead, Criston’s good suggestion is to tug an “Aladdin” and head over to the opposite facet of the world to dwell in poverty as a result of no less than then he’d get to be the person in cost.

This is a man so stupidly obsessed together with his station, which he owes to Rhaenyra, and so obsessed together with his honor (solely when it is handy) that he solely now remembers his vow of chastity and confesses the entire affair to the queen, who did not know or care about it till he confessed.



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