Homily Two on the Dormition of the Theotokos (Archimandrite George Kapsanis)

We all have pleasure as a result of right now is the true Mother’s Day. Only the Lady Theotokos is our true mom, as a result of she transmits to us our true Life, which is our Christ. And right now all moms ought to have a good time Mother’s Day in an Orthodox method, as a result of each mom is acknowledged as a mom provided that she aspires to be like and if she receives the blessing and beauty of the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos.But the world with the worldly spirit, with secularization, which advances and erodes the soul and the center and the thoughts of our individuals, has begun to artificially exchange the feasts of Orthodoxy with secular holidays, such because the Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and others prefer it, comparable to birthdays, which individuals have a good time, whereas we should always have a good time the recollections of the Saints, whose names we bear. And all that is an try to change the God-anthropocentric mindset of our individuals, and for our individuals to change into anthropocentric and never have Christ as the middle of their lives. Not to stay an ecclesiastical life, however to stay a life removed from the Church and from our God-man Christ.

So right now is Mother’s Day, our Mother’s Day. And for that we now have pleasure. Everything that occurs to our Panagia occurs for all of us and that is why pleasure is ours. The Panagia obeyed God. Perfect obedience. Eve the Foremother disobeyed and disadvantaged the human race of the blessing of communion with God, of union with God, of the blessed lifetime of Paradise. Our Panagia corrected Eve’s mistake and obeyed God completely. And when she obeyed God completely and cherished God fully and gave herself to God fully, this nice Mystery might solely occur in her. A easy and humble girl of the Israelite individuals, a village lady, an illiterate girl, couldn’t assist however appeal to God and for God to dwell in her and change into the “Containment of the Uncontainable”.

Thus our Panagia confirmed us the best way of obedience to God and on behalf of all of us she did what Adam and Eve didn’t do: she provided God her freedom. Because God needs to be united with man, He needs to dwell in man. But God can’t dwell in man, if man doesn’t provide himself fully to God, if he doesn’t provide him his freedom, his will, his total being. Our Panagia provided herself. She stated sure to God.

God wished to come back to earth, as a result of he cherished man, however He was ready for a creature to be discovered who would reply the query posed by Heaven: “Do you need me to come back to earth? Do you need me to change into human?” God was ready to search out somebody who would say “sure” to God with their entire being, with their entire coronary heart, fully. And that one who stated “sure” to God was our Panagia. “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; could it’s completed to me based on your phrase” (Luke 1:38). And when she stated this “sure”, God got here to earth, got here into the womb of the Most Holy Theotokos, turned flesh and have become a person.

And we right now, as a result of our Panagia provided her freedom to God, stated “sure”, we now have a Savior and a Redeemer, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Despot Christ, who raised us from the grave of sin, from Hades, from everlasting demise, and has given us everlasting life. And right now we aren’t the hopeless mortals, as we might have been earlier than Christ, the slaves of the satan and demise, the hopeless slaves, however we’re the gorgeous kids of the Church, the sons of the Resurrection, the beloved kids of God, heirs of everlasting life and blessedness. All these good issues got here into the world by the Lady Theotokos, our Mother.

That is why right now we’re grateful to her, we thank her. Today and at all times we venerate her, we glorify her. “Especially our All-Hoy, Immaculate, Most Blessed and Glorious Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary”. That is why our Orthodox individuals, the devoted, have such nice reverence for the Most Holy Theotokos. Because they know that with out her we might not have Christ. Because they know that she represents us. She represents the human race earlier than the throne of divine Majesty.

Just as all of the mysteries of the Theotokos have been mysteries of full love, full providing, full obedience, full freedom, providing her freedom to God, so was the blessedness and reverence of the Dormition, “her ultimate thriller”, because the troparion says. This was the final earthly thriller of the Panagia, but it surely was additionally a thriller of affection, freedom and obedience.

As she was provided as a three-year-old baby – her dad and mom provided her in Solomon’s Temple, to serve within the Holy of Holies – and he or she was provided with all her coronary heart and can, as when she provided herself on the day of the Annunciation after the archangel’s message that she could be the Mother of the Despot Christ, even now when the time had come for her, as a mortal girl that she was, to depart this world, she once more provided herself to God with belief.

She provided with belief her blessed soul to the Despot Christ, who got here to obtain her, however she additionally provided with belief her physique, the most-immaculate and most-pure, that thrice-glorious physique, which gave Body to the Son of God, that flesh by which she incarnated God. She additionally provided this with belief in God, to enter the earth, with out concern of the darkish thriller of demise, with out concern of the soil that may cowl her, as a result of she had nice belief in God’s love.

And when one thus gives himself to God, with good belief, God doesn’t let his creature perish, however God additionally gives all the pieces to man. That is why the soul of the Lady Theotokos, the brilliant and all-illuminating one, was obtained by her only-begotten Son, our Lord, and her physique, this blessed and holy and everlasting physique – which was not potential, because it was thus provided to God with good freedom and obedience and love, to change into the prey of worms – by the Grace of the Holy Spirit and the decree and design of the Holy Trinity on the third day was resurrected and transported to the Heavens and is glorified collectively along with her blessed soul and redeemed unto the ages.

And so our Panagia “presides”, because the Theologians of our Church say, “over the saved”. She is the top of the entire Church. As Mariam, the sister of Moses, presided over the dance of these free of the Egyptians and glorified God with drum and dance after the exodus from the Red Sea, so now the Lady Theotokos, the true Mariam of the human race, presides over the dance of the saved and redeemed and sings a brand new ode earlier than the throne of the Lamb all through the ages.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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