Homily Three on the New Year and the Circumcision of the Lord (Archpriest Rodion Putyatin)


By Archpriest Rodion Putyatin

“I provide you with a brand new commandment, that you just love each other” (John 13:34).

For us, listeners, the commandment of mutual love is the latest commandment, as a result of we have no idea it, we overlook it, we don’t fulfill it, we depart it off. And due to this fact, for the New Year, take heed to this new commandment: love each other, love each other.We are the closest individuals to one another, probably the most related to one another: we’re all created in the identical picture and likeness, the picture and likeness of God; we’re all redeemed by one blood, the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; we’re all members of 1 physique, kids of 1 Father and one Mother.

Do you hear this, you who’re glad to take from one other, do you hear this new fact for you? You take away from the particular person closest to you, probably the most much like you, probably the most prefer to you. Is he such a dumb animal that you just deal with him so cruelly? And is it good to behave cruelly with the dumb animal? The righteous one additionally cares in regards to the lifetime of cattle (Prov. 12:10), however you do not need to point out mercy to an individual, and never solely do you not present mercy, however you act mercilessly. What type of particular person are you? You are a pitiful man, you’re a misplaced man!

Do you hear this, the one who doesn’t want properly to a different, doesn’t assist him in wants, doesn’t even give him what’s due, what’s lawful? Do you hear this new fact for you? After all, God the Father loves him a lot that for his salvation He didn’t spare His Son, however gave Him to loss of life; and the Son of God, serving to to avoid wasting him, shed His Blood for him.

From you one other suffers, from you it’s regrettable to him, from you he’s exhausted, however you don’t really feel? Are you in ache? What type of particular person are you?! You aren’t a member of the human physique, you aren’t an individual. The members of the physique sympathize with one another: when the hand hurts, the entire particular person hurts; however you don’t get sick, don’t mourn when an individual – a member of the identical human physique with you – hurts, mourns? I ask what sort of particular person are you? No, you aren’t human!

And so, listeners, if we don’t love each other, if we overlook, depart off this commandment, then nothing not solely Christian, but additionally human, will stay in us. If we don’t want one another properly, assist one another, condescend, yield, then we’re not Christians and won’t even be individuals.

And due to this fact, from the New Year, we’ll bear in mind and fulfill this new commandment for us – to like one another. Remember this fact: what we do or say to hurt one other, we do to our everlasting destruction; to offend one other is to destroy one’s soul ceaselessly. Amen.





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