Homily One for the Exaltation of the Honorable Cross (Archim. George Kapsanis)

By Archimandrite Fr. George Kapsanis,

We rejoice the Universal Exaltation of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross of our Lord. And whereas right now is a day of remembrance for the Church of the crucifixion Passion of the Redeemer, we however have a sure pleasure. And this pleasure is because of the truth that the Crucifixion of the Lord and the Cross, the instrument on which the horrible however simultaneous life-giving dying of our Redeemer occurred, is on the similar time the glory of the Lord.You will keep in mind, when the Lord was strolling in the direction of the crucifixion Passion, He stated the phrases: “Now the Son of man is glorified” (Jn. 13:31). From a human viewpoint, dying on the cross was a shame, it was the last word humiliation and contempt of man.

But within the divine perspective it was the best glory of the incarnate Son of God, which glory ready for the opposite glory of His wonderful Resurrection. Therefore, as a result of the Lord suffers on the Cross, however can be glorified by His struggling, that’s the reason the Church, even on Great Friday, even right now, can rejoice the Cross of the Lord in mild of the resurrection, joyfully, with this joyful-sorrow and the crucifixion-resurrection ethos and perspective that characterizes our Orthodox religion and piety, which springs from the gospel of our Christ.

But additionally the second purpose for which we’re joyful right now, is that by our participation on this celebration we too deserve, regardless of the sinfulness and weak spot and necrosis of our non secular senses, to turn into considerably intoxicated on this thriller of the dying on the Cross and of the fantastic Resurrection of our Lord. Because that is the Grace of God and of our Holy Church, that inside our Orthodox and Apostolic Church the feasts aren’t one thing exterior of us, they aren’t a historic or psychological reminiscence, however above all they’re a sharing and participation within the occasions and individuals ceremonialized and celebrated.

I feel we all the time really feel, and tonight particularly, that the Cross of Christ is the idea of our Christian existence. It shouldn’t be potential to be a Christian, if one doesn’t stay in a single’s being, in oneself, the Cross of the Lord, which, as we stated, is all the time skilled in Orthodoxy with the angle of the Resurrection.

We want everybody to be helped by the Grace of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross right now, in order that they can also delve into this thriller of the Cross, which is the middle of our religion, our Christian life, and to assume whether it is potential for there to be fact on the earth exterior the Cross of Christ.

Of course the world guarantees that there’s fact exterior of the Cross of Christ. But the expertise of two thousand years of the Church of God, of the Saints of God and of the falls and dramas that the world has skilled and that continues to at the present time – as a result of the world, not accepting the Cross of Christ, resides an awesome drama, the drama of the deadlock of its selfishness – so this expertise confirms that there isn’t a fact about life exterior of the Cross of Christ.

But that is one thing for which one should – and will God enlighten him to know it, but additionally wish to – take a non secular duty in life. Because, if man doesn’t take duty, if he doesn’t wish to see issues decided to bear the results of the reality, irrespective of how a lot they value him, then after all he can’t settle for the Cross of Christ. Because the Cross of Christ creates duty in man. God with His Cross has a requirement from man. And if man doesn’t settle for God’s demand by the Cross of His Son, he can neither settle for the Cross of Christ nor perceive the that means of the Cross of Christ, after which he lives an irresponsible life, with out that means and with no cross, however on the similar time life with out Grace and with out pleasure and resurrection.

And I feel this is normally the drama of contemporary man right now, who has no pleasure, as a result of he doesn’t have the Resurrection of Christ. And it doesn’t have the Resurrection of Christ, as a result of he doesn’t have the Cross of Christ. And he doesn’t have the Cross of Christ, as a result of he doesn’t wish to take duty for the topic of the Lord’s Cross, the topic of religion.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.



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