Homily for the Seventh Sunday of Matthew – The Gospel of the Kingdom (Metr. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)


Homily for the Seventh Sunday of Matthew The Gospel of the Kingdom

Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

In right now’s Gospel studying, we heard concerning the miracle that Christ carried out on the 2 blind males, who adopted Him crying: “Have mercy on us, Son of David” and had been discovered worthy to see the sunshine of the solar and all of creation. Previously, they had been blind and in darkness. However, when Christ opened their eyes, they started to see God’s creation for the primary time. Also, the Gospel instructed us that Christ healed a demon possessed deaf man, who then heard and spoke. Light and sound are two essential elements that are linked with creation, but additionally with two fundamental senses that God gave to man to see and listen to, that’s, the sense of sight and the sense of listening to.At the top of the Gospel studying, it’s written by the Evangelist Matthew that Christ toured all of the cities educating within the synagogue and preaching “the gospel of the Kingdom” and therapeutic each illness and weak spot among the many folks. This gospel of the Kingdom was the content material of the preaching of the Apostles, after Pentecost. After His Resurrection, Christ stated to the Apostles: “Go into all of the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). Reading the Acts of the Apostles and their Epistles, one will discover that this was the content material and function of the apostolic preaching, that’s, they had been speaking concerning the gospel of the Kingdom of God. “Gospel” means excellent news, good message, and this excellent news is that this Kingdom has come. What does this imply?

This is said to the miracle we heard right now. The miracle of the therapeutic of the blind to see the sunshine of the solar, and of the deaf to listen to sound and to talk, has a reference to the opposite miracle of gaining eyes to see the Light of God and gaining ears to listen to the voice of God.

There is a distinction between God and man. God is uncreated, that means He has no starting and finish, whereas man is created, he was created by God. When God seems to folks He seems as Light, God is Light, however He is completely different from the sunshine of the solar. The Prophets, the Apostles and the Saints noticed Christ within the Light. However, after they needed to talk about God who’s within the Light, in addition they used the idea of the created solar or the picture of the glory of an earthly king.

The earthly king, the emperor, offered himself to the folks with magnificence, with honors, he wore shining garments, he was surrounded by troopers, he lived in vivid palaces. When he had dinner all the pieces was illuminated, sensible. His son’s marriage ceremony was the most important occasion within the empire. Therefore, each Christ and those that noticed Christ within the Light used photos from the king’s life to indicate the uncreated glory of God. Thus Christ spoke of the Kingdom of God as if it was a powerful dinner, the marriage of the King’s son.

The Gospel, due to this fact, of the Kingdom are the phrases concerning the glory of God, His heavenly Light, and an exhortation to folks to accumulate a relationship with this Light, to be intoxicated by the divine Light, to see this Light and the glory of God. Thus, Christ taught us to beseech God saying: “Thy Kingdom come”, in different phrases, that this Light might come inside us and in our society. A situation for this Light to return is repentance, and because of this Christ, Saint John the Forerunner and the Apostles exhorted folks: “Repent, the dominion of God is at hand”, and the results of the approaching of the Light is that the satan and his energies are banished.

This is the content material of the church sermon, which is why it’s referred to as a “prophetic” sermon. The Orthodox sermon is a manifestation of the glory of God, and an exhortation to share on this glory, to take part on this glory of God. Unfortunately, right now the preaching of many people refers to ethical and social points, it’s socialized and politicized, in order that will probably be trendy.

Therefore, folks right now, who’ve religious blindness and deafness they usually can’t see God and listen to His voice, they should be healed in order that they will see the glory of God. When a Church doesn’t meet this function, it’s secularized and loses its mission.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.





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