Homily for the Ninth Sunday of Luke (St. Luke of Simferopol)

Then He spoke a parable to them, saying: “The floor of a sure wealthy man yielded plentifully. And he thought inside himself, saying, ‘What shall I do, since I’ve no room to retailer my crops?’ So he mentioned, ‘I’ll do that: I’ll pull down my barns and construct larger, and there I’ll retailer all my crops and my items. And I’ll say to my soul, “Soul, you may have many items laid up for a few years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.” ’ But God mentioned to him, ‘Fool! This night time your soul will probably be required of you; then whose will these issues be which you may have supplied?’ (Luke 12:16–20).
A small brief parable of Christ, however what depth, bottomless depth of thought and reality in these brief phrases!

Our Lord Jesus Christ all the time spoke briefly phrases. He taught us to not be verbose, and we’re all vulnerable to verbosity, it’s because it’s incomparably harder to talk briefly, vividly and strongly than verbosely.

In this brief parable, all the pieces that’s vital for us is claimed: it’s mentioned concerning the two paths that folks observe, it’s mentioned about these whom Holy Scripture calls carnal folks, who’re the overwhelming majority amongst folks; additionally it is mentioned about those that are incomparably fewer: it’s mentioned about non secular folks.

Two paths of life are indicated: the trail of serving one’s flesh, one’s lusts, and the trail of serving the spirit.

Delve into this parable, wonderful in its energy, depth and brevity. What did this unlucky wealthy man assume when an enormous quantity of crops was yielded? He was pondering: “What ought to I do? I’ve nowhere to collect my fruits.” And he mentioned, “This is what I’ll do.”

O cursed one! O idiot! You have nowhere to collect your crops? You do not know what to do? Don’t you see what number of hungry and poor folks round you don’t have anything?

You didn’t take into consideration them, you thought solely about your self, you determined to do one thing clever in your eyes: to interrupt down the barns and construct new, a lot bigger ones, to gather all of your items there. For what, why? To say to your soul absurd, insane phrases: “Soul, you may have many items laid up for a few years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.”

O unlucky one! He didn’t know something higher than to overeat and get drunk with wine, he didn’t know something greater than pleasure, insignificant, empty, earthly pleasure. He directs all of the powers of the soul to gathering extra wealth, securing contentment, an opulent, well-fed life. O unlucky one!

He in all probability by no means heard different phrases of Christ, didn’t hear what the Lord mentioned to all of us: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, the place moth and rust destroy and the place thieves break in and steal; however lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, the place neither moth nor rust destroys, and the place thieves don’t break in and steal” (Matt. 6:19-20).

How usually the treasures we’ve got collected perish, how usually they’re destroyed unexpectedly, utterly unexpectedly for us, after which the soul of an individual, filled with covetousness, plunges into despair, gloomy, black despair.

And as soon as once more the Lord spoke an amazing and deep phrase about the identical: “Whoever shouldn’t be with me is in opposition to me; and whoever doesn’t collect with Me, he squanders” (Matt. 12:30).

O Lord, You command us to not collect earthly items, You command us to collect along with You and never squander. What does it imply to be with you? What does it imply to not squander, however to collect with You?

To be with You means to be near You, to be amongst these whom You referred to as Your mates, it means to assume as You thought, to need what You wished and taught us to need.

You wished us to collect, not squander. When will we squander?

When we act like this mad wealthy man, who directed all of the powers of his soul, all his life, in direction of this, and solely in direction of gathering as many earthly blessings as potential.

Why, why?!

So that on the identical night time his soul was taken away, and nobody is aware of who obtained what he gathered.

When an individual gathers wealth, usually in unclean methods, does he not squander it?

He squanders what’s dearest of all, what constitutes the one true treasure of the soul, he squanders all the great that was in his soul.

For when an individual devotes himself wholly to the care of wealth, about ample meals, about residing in luxurious and bliss, then they go to sleep, and never solely go to sleep, however all deep, non secular, pure aspirations utterly disappear in his soul, for they’re supplanted by base aspirations.

If an individual has collected wealth and says to his soul: “Soul, you may have many items laid up for a few years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry” – then what, isn’t this a carnal particular person? Does he not serve his lusts, his passions, his stomach? Does he rise a lot above all silly creatures, above animals that know no different pleasures than the delight of the abdomen?

Oh, how insignificant, oh how unlucky is that this man!

And the extra base passions develop in his soul, the will to please his flesh, the extra he squanders all of the non secular, all excessive aspirations which have ever been in him.

For non secular treasures are incompatible with what an individual who serves fully his flesh does: he squanders, he loses the great that he ever had, that the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to collect.

This is what the phrases of Christ imply about those that squander.

And what’s the that means of the phrases about those that collect along with Him? Who gathers what must be gathered to be able to be with Him?

We should be laborers of the very best order: we should collect what’s valuable within the eyes of God, and never waste it.

It is important to collect the fruits of the success of the commandments of Christ; one should develop into poor in spirit, humble, weeping, one should purchase the good reward of tears, which is attribute of so few; it’s vital to amass meekness as a substitute of pleasure, rudeness and self-exaltation; one should starvation and thirst with all one’s coronary heart for the reality of God; one should purchase the treasures of mercy, develop into pure in coronary heart, be peacemakers; one should be persecuted for religion in Christ; if the Lord sends such blessing, it’s vital that the phrases of the final commandment of beatitude apply to us: “Blessed are you, once they reproach you and deceive you, they usually say every kind of evil phrases in opposition to you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be glad, on your reward is nice in heaven.”

Now, if an individual directs all his aspirations, all of the power of his soul to purify his coronary heart, to develop into in all the pieces pleasing to God, then these nice treasures of non secular goodness will accumulate in his coronary heart an increasing number of, then he’ll collect with Christ. And when his demise hour comes, then the angels of God will carry forward of him on golden platters all the great that he has finished: all deeds of affection, deeds of mercy, all good phrases, phrases of reality, excessive and pure aspirations – they may carry, they may carry.

And will probably be good for such an individual. He is not going to be within the place of the unlucky wealthy man to whom God mentioned: “Fool! this night time your soul will probably be required of you.”

Oh, how we should bear in mind these final phrases of Christ!

After all, this is applicable to every of us. Don’t you know the way usually folks die fairly unexpectedly?

I’ve simply obtained a discover of the demise of my outdated comrade in medical work. He was wholesome and cheerful, went to mattress – and by no means awakened once more.

When you enter a railroad automotive or on the deck of a steamship, are you positive that you’ll be alive, that you’ll not perish alongside the way in which, that what shouldn’t be ready for you, as a substitute of additional life, is the underside of the ocean or blood on the rails?

And in that case, should not we bear in mind, all the time bear in mind the phrases of Christ: “Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning”?

When folks go on an extended journey or to exhausting work, they gird themselves tightly. When folks stroll in darkness, they take lamps with them and be sure that they’re all the time burning.

Thus, all through your life, you need to gird your non secular loins tightly, you need to all the time be prepared, you need to carry your lamps all the time burning, you should be cautious to not be left with out oil for them, just like the 5 silly virgins within the parable of the Gospel.

We should all the time be prepared for demise. It is important to go to mattress and stand up from sleep to assume, will this not be my final night time, my final day? Will I fall underneath a tram on the road at present? Will I die in another means?

If we’re so disposed, then these phrases of God is not going to apply to us: “Fool! this night time your soul will probably be required of you.”

Let us collect, collect with Christ, collect solely what is enjoyable to Him!

And most individuals collect what’s in no way pleasing to Him.

I instructed you that almost all of persons are carnal folks, thirsting just for earthly comforts, earthly pleasures. There are few non secular folks, few who dedicate their complete lives to serving God, who spend their complete lives purifying their hearts, watching it, all the time striving to extend love in themselves, enhance religion, and enhance humility.

But there are folks of a a lot greater order than those that are like this unlucky man about to construct new granaries.

There are individuals who reside by non secular calls for, usually deep ones. They dedicate their complete lives to the research of human knowledge, they endlessly learn books, learn one after one other and purchase nice information and generally nice thought.

What let’s say about them: we could depend them amongst those that collect along with Christ? No, we is not going to name them carnal, however we is not going to depend them amongst those that collect with Christ, as a result of one can collect human knowledge with out Christ, with out calling on His assist, with out even believing in Him.

Such folks reside by their thoughts, their will, their understanding of life. They set themselves their life duties, despising these set by the Lord Jesus Christ. They search perfection in human knowledge. But are there sources of affection within the books of human knowledge? They are usually not there; there aren’t any sources of religion, humility, meekness, mercy.

This signifies that the one who does this doesn’t collect these non secular treasures.

And we, the standard sheep of Christ’s flock, could we all the time bear in mind this brief parable of Christ concerning the silly wealthy man who positioned all his hope in himself and in his wealth.

Let us attempt to be with Christ, for whoever shouldn’t be with Him is in opposition to Him.

Is it potential that such a horrible misfortune will occur to any of us, in order that the angels of heaven name us enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ?!

Let it not be! Let it not be! Let it not be!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.



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