Homilies on the Great Litany of the Divine Liturgy – Our Fellow Human Beings (Metr. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)

Homilies on the Great Litany of the Divine Liturgy – Our Fellow Human Beings  (Metr. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)

 Homilies on the Great Litany of the Divine Liturgy Our Fellow Human Beings  

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The Church is a good non secular household, to which belong many members from all ethnicities, who stay everywhere in the world and who, whereas we’re right now within the temple, they’re doing one thing else and aren’t with us. That is why we really feel the necessity, as brothers and sisters that we’re, to wish for them as effectively. Also, we pray for all of the people who find themselves at present doing a little form of work.Thus, the Priest exhorts us: “For those that journey by land, sea, and air, for the sick, the struggling, the captives and for his or her salvation, allow us to pray to the Lord.” Of course, one mustn’t journey throughout the Sunday Divine Liturgy, however the Church, as a loving Mother, additionally prays for many who, resulting from numerous pressing wants, don’t attend the holy church throughout the Divine Liturgy.

“Travelers by sea” (πλεόντων) are those that journey the ocean, with so many difficulties, whether or not they’re the crew of the ships, whether or not they’re the vacationers, or those that work on business and warships, or those that fish within the sea, and many others. The truth is that all of them want God’s assist, as a result of there are a lot of risks lurking, storms, reefs, the age of the ships, and prior to now additionally the hazard of pirates, and many others. Here we should additionally embody those that journey within the air with airplanes, who’re additionally at risk each hour and second.

“Travelers by land” (οδοιπορούντων) are those that stroll the streets, but additionally those that journey on land in any approach and for any purpose. In the previous there have been risks from robbers, from opposed climate circumstances, however right now there are different risks from dangerous roads, the speeds developed by drivers and their carelessness. Unfortunately, each week and each weekend we mourn many deaths from visitors accidents.

“The sick” (νοσούντων) are the ailing who’re in ache and affected by numerous ailments, both at residence or within the hospital, and together with them their family members endure and bear hardship, whereas the medical doctors and nursing workers are drained. Every evening there are distinctive vigils within the hospitals, that are the trendy temples of ache and human well being.

“The struggling” (καμνόντων) are those that endure hardships from numerous causes, however this class additionally consists of the possessed, who’re possessed by the satan, who directs their pondering and their needs. Apart from these whom we describe as possessed within the slender sense, this class additionally consists of those that are enslaved to varied passions and endure in numerous methods, because the satan acts by these passions.

“The captives” (αιχμαλώτων) are those that are locked up in focus camps, they’re prisoners of struggle, but additionally those that are prisoners of assorted ideologies and obsessions, of assorted bodily and chemical substances, in addition to the prisoners in trendy idiosyncratic “focus camps”, which may be infamous facilities, the place man loses his humanity and his freedom.

How lots of our brethren, right now after we are tasting the love of God, after we are collaborating within the wonderful pageant of the Divine Liturgy, are struggling and tormented! We should pray for them too. The Divine Liturgy is useful for the entire world.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.



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