Homilies on the Great Litany of the Divine Liturgy – Clergy and Laity (Metr. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)

 Homilies on the Great Litany of the Divine LiturgyClergy and Laity

Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

We are decoding in these eucharistic sermons, throughout the Summer Sundays, the petitions we tackle to God at first of the Divine Liturgy, each Mystery and Sacred Service. Today we’ll take a look at the petition we’re referred to as to deal with to God for all of the members of the Church. The Priest exhorts us: “For our Archbishop, the Honorable Presbyters and people who minister in Christ, all of the Clergy and the folks, allow us to pray to the Lord”, that’s, allow us to pray for the Archbishop, specifically, the Metropolitan of this area – and point out his identify – for the Presbyters and Deacons, for all of the Clergy and the laity of the Sacred Metropolis.In this petition, the federal government of the Church will be seen, which is made up of the members of the Church who’ve been baptized, chrismated and partake of Divine Communion. There are three Categories, specifically the “Higher Clergy”, which incorporates the Bishops, Presbyters and Deacons, the “Lower Clergy”, which incorporates the subdeacons, chanters and readers, and there may be the laity.

The Clergy are the religious officers of the Church Army. The Church isn’t a disorderly religious military, it isn’t a spot of anarchy wherein anybody does what they need, however it’s a blessed military directed by Christ, by way of the Clergy. But even among the many Clergy there’s a gradation of ministry, because the work of the Metropolitan is one, the work of the Presbyter is one other, and the work of the Deacon is one other. In every Sacred Metropolis there is just one Metropolitan, who constitutes the unity of the Church, simply as Christ is one, who’s the pinnacle of the Church. With the prayer and blessing of the Bishop, the Clergy work pastorally, carry out the Sacred Mysteries, sanctify the folks and shield them from all evil.

The so-called Lower Clergy (subdeacons, chanters, readers, and so on.) wouldn’t have priestly grace, they can’t have a good time the Sacred Mysteries, however they assist, in line with every one’s present. A particular ceremony is held by the Bishop for many who tackle a piece of ministry, as a result of within the Church nobody can improvise. Thus, everybody’s present is obtainable, by way of the Church, to God. The subdeacons, the place they exist, assist the Clergy within the Holy Altar, the chanters chant on behalf of the folks, the readers learn the readings, each apostolic and prophetic, the doorkeepers watch the doorways in order that nobody who’s uninitiated enters the Divine Liturgy.

The persons are the so-called laity who’re members of the Church, have been baptized, have been chrismated and have the extraordinary honor of collaborating within the Divine Eucharist and in the entire of ecclesiastical life. The laity will not be simply current, however take part within the worship in their very own manner. They pray to God, unite with the opposite members of the Church, partake of the Immaculate Mysteries.

This is the federal government of the Church, the all-around folks of the Lord, those that have been blessed by God to be members of the Church. We have an obligation to wish for all of the brotherhood in Christ, for the Bishop, the Clergy and the laity, in order that they reply to their ministry, show themselves worthy of their mission, glorify God with their entire lives.

We should really feel that we’re not strangers, orphans, alone, however we belong to a world household, because the Church spreads all through the world and contains as members folks from all races, ethnicities, and languages. This is a good blessing for us.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.





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