Holy Martyr Barlaam of Antioch: Summaries of the Encomiums of Basil the Great and John Chrysostom

Encomium on the Martyr Barlaam By Basil the Great

Once the deaths of holy males had been adorned with lamentations and tears: Joseph wept bitterly for Jacob when he died; the Jews significantly lamented Moses’ loss of life; they honoured Samuel with many tears. But now we rejoice within the deaths of the hallowed ones. The nature of distressing issues has been reworked after the cross. We no extra accompany the deaths of the saints with lamentations, however dance at their tombs in godly firms. For loss of life is simply sleep for the righteous. It is slightly departure for a greater life. For that purpose, the martyrs rejoice when they’re slain. The want for a happier life mortifies the misery of slaughter. The martyr doesn’t have a look at the perils, however on the crowns of victory. He isn’t distressed by the beatings, however counts the prizes. He doesn’t see the torturers flogging him down right here, however envisions the angels acclaiming from above. He doesn’t take into account the momentary state of hazard, however the everlasting natue of his reward. Even amongst us, he already enjoys a splendid reimbursement, as he’s applauded by everybody’s pious acclamations, and captivates from his tomb myriads of crowds. This is then what was performed immediately by the courageous Barlaam….Barlaam is a barbarian in descent and tongue, however, nonetheless, smart within the spirit and the religion, who bravely and joyfully defies torture, flogging, imprisonment, insults and the wrath of the judge. Seeing that they can’t bend his willpower, his torturers make him stretch his proper hand over an altar, and place a burning piece of frankincense into his palm, as a way to make him drop it unwillingly onto the altar. Barlaam stands with out shifting until his hand burns full….

But why am I belittling the victor with my infantile mumbling? Let us then cede his reward to grander tongues! Let us name for him trumpets that are louder than lecturers! Arise now, sensible painters of heroic achievements! Glorify by your artwork the mutilated picture of the final! Brighten by the colors of your ability this victor who has been described in much less brilliant tones by me! Let me depart defeated by you in outlining the triumphs of the martyr! I’m glad to be defeated by such a victory of your may immediately! Let me see the battle in opposition to the hearth being depicted by you with higher precision! Let me see the combatant being depicted much more joyful in your picture! Let the demons weep additionally now, being bothered by the feats of the martyr in your work! Let as soon as once more the burning hand be proven defeating them! And let additionally Christ, the grasp of the combating contest, be depicted on the panel! Glory be to Him without end and ever. Amen.

Text: PG 31, 484-489. Summary and translation: Efthymios Rizos.

Encomium on the Martyr Barlaam By John Chrysostom

1. This day is the feast of Barlaam. The true honour to the martyrs is to mimic them. Although it isn’t a persecution, martyrdom remains to be attainable. Christians can nonetheless resist demons and passions. Barlaam saved his proper hand agency over the hearth, as if he had been a statue.

2. An incredible persecution takes place, and martyrs are killed in manifold methods. Barlaam is taken out of jail, after a very long time of incarceration, and he’s made to stretch his hand over an altar. They place into his hand burning coals and frankincense, in order that he could also be pressured to drop them onto the altar, and thus seem like providing a sacrifice. The martyr stands nonetheless, as if made from iron.

3. His hand was ultimately turned, however this was not an indication of defeat, as a result of it was attributable to the burning of his flesh, and never by the breaking of his willpower. Barlaam grew to become on the similar time an altar, a sufferer, and a priest providing his personal physique as sacrifice. We shouldn’t declare that he provided simply his hand, as a result of there is no such thing as a method of measuring the magnitude of a martyr’s torments.

4. We ought to imitate the martyrs, and this is the reason this meeting is going down by their tombs. The tombs of the martyrs are like a navy tent, and their warlike exercise will be seen when possessed persons are dropped at their shrine. There is a warfare in opposition to the satan, and the saints are like heroes buried with their weapons. The Christians ought to admire the martyrs and keep away from luxurious.

Text: CPG 4361; BGH 222. Summary: Efthymios Rizos.





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