Hera Panchami – Iskcon Dwarka

Hera Panchami – Iskcon Dwarka
An important and distinctive ceremony of Jagannath tradition is Hera Panchami. The pageant is noticed in the Gundicha temple on the fifth day after the Rath Yatra‘s starting. The phrases “Hera” and “Panchami” each discuss seeing.

This ceremony honors the goddess Mahalakshmi. This ceremony emphasizes Mahalaxmi’s separation from Lord Jagannath.

In this present day, the Nandighosha chariot, which is parked at the entrance of the Gundicha Temple, is damaged in half by Goddess Lakshmi. 

According to the temple’s historical past, the Hera Panchami celebration was noticed on this means in the course of the reign of King Kapilendra Deb. Hera Panchami was as soon as noticed solely by way of the recital of Vedic mantras in a symbolic method. The Madala Panji additionally mentions King Kapilendra Deb as the one that altered this course of by bringing a gold idol of Mahalaxmi, turning the whole holy exercise into an ordered and sensible ritual.

What is the story of Hera Panchami?

The Gundicha Temple hosts a particular occasion referred to as Hera Panchami. Hera denotes seeing, whereas Panchami denotes the fifth day. Goddess Lakshmi feels significantly involved on the fifth day of the Rathayatra Festival and considers, “What occurred to my husband? He stated, “I’m going to get a change of surroundings for a couple of days, and I’ll be again very quickly.” He hasn’t returned regardless of the passage of 5 days.” Because her partner forgot to take her, she appears nervous. After 4 exhausting nights, Goddess Lakshmi begins to lose her cheer. On the fifth day, she visits the Gundicha Temple to see Lord Jagannath. 

With a bang, the principal doorways of the Gundicha temple are abruptly shut. She sneaks again to the principal temple by way of Hera Gohri Sahi after returning with a heavy coronary heart and breaking a bit of portion of the Nandighosa chariot (the chariot of Lord Jagannath) in a match of rage. All of that is completed to self-discipline her devoted husband.

Celebration of Hera Panchami

The nice pageant of Hera Panchami is held on the fifth day after Rath Yatra. Lord Jagannath departs the temple in Jagannath Puri (representing Dwarka) on the day of the Rath Yatra and travels to the Gundica temple (representing Vrindavan).

Before departing, Sri Jagannathji gave his spouse Lakshmiji an ultimate vow that He would return the next day. But the fifth day has handed with no phrase relating to Sri Jagannathji. So Lakshmiji summons her servants and gathers a military to convey Lord Jagannath again. She makes an enormous show and pompous entrance to the Gundica shrine. When they arrive at the temple, they start beating and seizing Lord Jagannath’s slaves earlier forcing them to decide to return to him as quickly as potential, ideally the next day. 

The Nandigosh cart, the Ratha of Lord Jagannath (which transported Lord Jagannath to the Gundica shrine), is attacked by Mother Lakshmi’s slaves as they return from the temple, and a small piece of the cart is damaged off for them to seize.

It is a captivating custom that’s noticed yearly in Jagannath Puri. Regrettably, we can not utterly get pleasure from Rath Yatra by holding such occasions, which improve the scrumptious taste of Rath Yatra, because of work pressures and the character of our residing right here. I fervently hope that the time will come once we can observe Gundica Marjan the day earlier than Rath Yatra and the Hera Panchami celebration. However, I’m undecided if we wish to convey Lord Jagannath again to Dwarka from Vrindavan so he can get pleasure from himself along with his devoted Vrajvasis.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu carried out a number of pastimes within the backyard beside the street main from the Jagannatha shrine to Gundica. The Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s bathing ceremony was performed by a brahmana named Krsnadasa.

Following His dancing within the Gundica temple, the Lord loved water sports activities with His followers. On the day of Hera-Panchami, they may witness Laksmidevi, the goddess of luck, at work.

King Prataparudra fastidiously engaged Kasi Misra in the dialog as he was conscious of the approaching Hera-Panchami celebration.

Tomorrow is the Hera-Panchami or Laksmi-Vijaya celebration. Festivities ought to be held in a fashion that has by no means been completed earlier than.


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