Harinama Ruci Team Makes Historic Preaching Tour To Nine Caribbean Countries | ISKCON News

Harinama Ruci Team Makes Historic Preaching Tour To Nine Caribbean Countries | ISKCON News

Last month, devotees from the Harinama Ruci Team* accomplished a historic preaching tour throughout the Caribbean area, visiting 9 far-off islands and international locations not often seen by the missionaries of Lord Chaitanya’s motion. The group’s members embrace Vicaru Das and Sandipani Muni Krsna Das from Harinam Ruci workforce, they usually mixed with Gopinath Das from Trinidad.

“After two years of ready for COVID-19 to subside and several other months of thorough analysis, I discovered one of the best ways to journey by means of the Caribbean, which was each cost-effective and minimized the fatigue of touring,” stated Sandipani. “We didn’t have a lot of a price range, however we had religion that Krsna would ship us Laxmi alongside the best way.” 

Among the international locations visited, solely three have a powerful ISKCON presence (Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname). Others had a handful of devoted souls and a few had no ISKCON presence, equivalent to French Guiana and Dominica.

Vicaru and Sandipani, overlooking Trinidad’s coast.

“Everywhere we went, we had an excellent response. We tried particularly to succeed in the Afro-Carribean Creole neighborhood and the opposite ethnic teams and never solely concentrate on the Indian neighborhood alone,” Sandipani famous. “Some international locations had been English talking, some French, and one was Dutch.”

As talked about, many devotees, temples, and tasks exist in Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad. The workforce felt exceptionally properly acquired in these locations; the devotees had been cultured and type. They did a number of outreach applications in colleges, Hindu temples, and houses. Everywhere they went subsequently, the workforce was very enthusiastically acquired, particularly by the small pockets of devotees who famous it was uncommon to get touring preachers visiting their international locations.

In French Guiana, the workforce organized to lease an condo. Sandipani and Vicaru Das did e book distribution and Harinama every single day. The pair was shocked by how rapidly the books went out, how many individuals had heard of Krishna, and what number of joined within the chanting. 

Favored soul receives transcendental literature in French Guiana.

In Barbados, there are just a few devotees, however the response on the road was incredible. Purna Avatar Das was their gracious host, housing 4 devotees in his one-bedroom home and organizing many public applications at native temples and houses. “I adjusted my strategy to e book distribution by referring to quotes about spirituality that the Rastafarians would join with,” stated Sandimani.

In St. Lucia, the workforce was shocked to see Mandakini Devi Dasi, an aged devotee who had been by means of many struggles, and regardless of that, she organized the development of an enormous temple in St. Lucia. The touring devotees had been shocked to find how many individuals on the island knew her. Although her well being was weak, she served the deities each day together with her daughter and granddaughter. The three labored tirelessly, and he or she advised the touring workforce keep and handle the temple. Unfortunately, just some weeks after they left the Caribbean, the group acquired the unhappy information that Mandakini Devi Dasi handed away. She was a particular soul.

Rastafarian chief receiving literature in St. Lucia.

In Martinique, the workforce met Rupanuga Bhakti Dasa, one of many leaders at ISKCON London who’s linked to Martinique, and Jaya Bhakti Devi Dasi, a incredible Harinama fanatic. They had been staying on the lovely Sri Sri Radha Martinique-Isvara ashram, which Keshiha Prabhu and his household handle. So we had an exquisite response on the streets in Martinique.

The distant island of Dominica had no identified Krishna devotees. So the workforce rented an condo to increase their preaching and met many and responsive folks. On these islands, the Creole neighborhood of African descent is the main neighborhood we served. Many islanders are followers of Rastafarianism, a non secular and cultural motion that originated in Jamaica within the Thirties. It promotes social justice, African identification, spirituality and emphasizes a vegetarian food regimen. In Dominica, the workforce wearing Indian devotional clothes sparked queries from patrons of an area grocery retailer the devotees had been visiting. A curious safety guard and his pal purchased books and several other grocery store patrons multi function go.

Guadeloupe was the ultimate island on the journey, the place the workforce did a whole lot of kirtan on the road and distributed Srila Prabhupada’s books in French. There was at all times a optimistic response.

The impressed workforce encourages all ISKCON devotees to go to the Caribbean area and assist assist the devotees there in spreading the Sankirtan mission.

* The Harinam Ruci workforce contains half a dozen devotees who journey and provide Harinama Sankirtana worldwide, specializing in sharing the Yuga Dharma Harinama Sankirtana in each city and village. The workforce has visited nearly 108 international locations and traveled the world for round ten years. It is led by HG Visnu Jana Das from Slovakia and notably travels recurrently with Mahavishnu Swami.




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