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Dogs are man’s best friends. Sometimes, they can be more than just the average pets. It is widely accepted that hunting dogs, such as the Greyhound, are among the world’s most loyal. They were known as hunting dogs because of their long, strong physique, and courageous demeanour.

Because of their agility and competitive natural skills, racing leagues were established for them to participate in—much like the horse racing industry. Now, there are Greyhound racing tracks all over the world that have attracted hundreds of viewers and even more online bettors.

Here’s a quick guide on premier Greyhound racing betting before you get into the nitty-gritty of various Greyhound racing wagers:

The basics

Greyhound racing is comparable to other kinds of animal racing, such as that which takes place on racetracks. Greyhound racing borrows much from horse racing in terms of terminology and slang.

Competitions are all about finding the first Greyhound to reach a set finish line, which is the primary goal of the sport. When it comes to wagering, Greyhound races provide a variety of options outside the traditional moneyline wager.

Greyhound betting has a number of fundamental words that you should be aware of. These are:


There are two types of meetings in Greyhound racing: Those that are pre-scheduled and unscheduled. Regardless of where the competition takes place, it should always adhere to the rules and regulations currently in effect in that nation or state.

For example, Greyhound racing is allowed in Australia, but the nation has a history of authorising and then outlawing the sport. It took a long time, but the sports were finally permitted, although with a variety of limitations and guidelines that organisers must follow.


Another element that is often specified before a meeting is arranged is the distance involved.

There are several distances for flat and jump races set by the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) in the United Kingdom. The tracks’ maximum length is 1,200 yards, although they may be as short as 230 yards (210 to 1,100 metres).

Races often take place over a distance of 600 yards. However, they might be longer or shorter depending on the location and the size of the gathering.


The kind of track has always been one of the most important elements to consider when predicting a race because of how quickly it can be changed by the weather. Most of the tracks are made with sand while some are grass tracks.

Betting tips to win more races

To get started in the Greyhound betting scene, here are some of the most important tips to get you started winning races:

Understanding the odds

When you go to a track to watch a traditional Greyhound race, you’ll normally find what’s known as a racing programme, which is also known as the form cards. The odds for each competing Greyhound are included on this card, amongst other things.

With the way Greyhound odds are laid out, it is easy to figure out how much money one can win for a given amount of bet.

Although many people believe a certain dog will take the title of champion, it doesn’t guarantee betting on them is a good move. A large favourite, for example, has an odds of ¼. This indicates that for every $4 staked, you can only earn $1 in winnings. In other words, your winnings are limited to 25% of your initial stake.

Hedge riskier wagers

It is possible that you cannot afford to lose a significant sum of money should it not work out on YouTube as you had hoped. Punters ‘hedge’ their bets by placing a smaller bet on the opposing side of their initial stake to lessen the risk.

With this strategy, you may reduce some of the risks while still retaining the possibility of a large reward.

Stick to single bets first

It is true that multiples, accumulators, predictions, and perming may yield higher returns. It just takes one blunder to lose a large sum of money when you don’t know precisely what you’re doing.

If you’re still confused or don’t feel confident enough in putting more complex wagers, sticking to singles is always a good option. However, you may really be better off sticking to the safe wagers, such as a singles wager.

Premier Greyhound racing has a huge potential to be one of the best sports betting scenes in the world. As it is still not as widely famous as other sports, it’s time to get started with betting after learning these amazing tips!



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