Good Luck to You, Leo Grande film overview (2022)

Emma Thompson performs Nancy, retired and not too long ago widowed, vividly sad, and on the restrict of her capability to endure her personal unhappiness. Completely breaking her strict patterns, she hires a intercourse employee named Leo (Daryl McCormack), whom she by some means discovered on the web. She rents a complicated lodge room, the place he joins her. The movie is damaged up into 4 separate “conferences,” and every assembly has its personal move and rhythm, with jagged edges, reprieves and pauses, stunning and humorous moments, as these strangers get to know one another in what’s a transparently transactional relationship. Things do not occur in a linear means: feelings hardly ever do. Sex certain would not, particularly not with somebody as terrified as Nancy.

Leo is sort and open, humorous and assured. Nancy is a large number, whip-sawing from self-hatred to over-sharing to near-hysteria to business-like statements, flung at him like a weapon. There are occasions when a completely inappropriate motherly vibe comes out of her, and she or he worries he is being trafficked, or that he feels demeaned by being there, or grossed out by her physique. Leo meets her wherever she’s at. It’s a part of his job, and he is superb at his job. Leo doesn’t choose. Nancy tells him straight out that she’s by no means had an orgasm, nor does she anticipate to, so he should not even strive. Leo would not push it, or reassure her that he’ll make her come, no drawback. Instead, he asks her questions on her experiences. She’s in all probability by no means mentioned any of it out loud earlier than, and the phrases tumble out of her mouth.

What occurs between them is, in fact, sexual, however a lot else is occurring. Fascinating philosophical territory opens up, the place issues like intimacy, getting old, and the significance of sexual pleasure, whether or not it is with your self or with another person, enter the room. There is a second early on the place Thompson, all the time wonderful however at her finest right here, begins to weep. For her, intercourse is related to disappointment and loss. She is not going to untangle that in a two-hour session. It’s not like Leo touches her and she or he melts immediately. Nancy thought she employed Leo to have some intercourse. She did not notice the main target can be on pleasure, no matter kind that pleasure takes. She has no thought what pleasure even means.



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