God of War Ragnarok Ending Explained: What Happens to Kratos?

What Is Tyr’s Real Identity?

Atreus returns to Asgard to persuade Thor to assist him discover the ultimate piece of the masks. Thor considerably begrudgingly agrees, and the 2 are capable of finding the ultimate piece. Just then, although, Thor’s spouse Sif seems and asks him to kill Atreus as revenge for the dying of their sons. Before he can full the deed, although, Atreus transports again to Sindri’s home with the now-finished masks in hand. 

Kratos, Atreus, Brok, Sindri, and the remainder of their allies debate about what to do with the masks. They quickly notice they’ll have to go to Asgard to truly use the merchandise, and Tyr says he is aware of a solution to get them there whereas avoiding Odin’s gaze. 

Brok finds that revelation to be extremely suspicious. Not lengthy after elevating his suspicions, although, Brok is shockingly stabbed by Tyr. We then study that Tyr has truly been Odin in disguise all the time. Kratos is ready to stop Odin from taking the masks to Asgard, however the harm is completed. A grief-stricken Sindri blames Atreus and Kratos for Brok’s dying, although Brok tells Sindri that he forgives his brother for not telling him about his personal resurrection. 

Out of choices, our heroes agree that they have to set off Ragnarok with a view to cease Odin. However, that quickly proves to be simpler mentioned than accomplished. 

Surtr and Ragnarok

Kratos and Atreus journey to Muspelheim in an effort to persuade Surtr and Sinmara to satisfy their roles in Ragnarok. They meet Surtr who acknowledges that Odin should be stopped however doesn’t need to drag Sinmara (his lover) into this and sacrifice her life within the course of. However, Surtr provides an alternate resolution that can seemingly enable him to develop into the embodiment of Ragnarok whereas sparing Sinmara. 

With the key items within the palace, Kratos makes use of Gjallarhorn to set off Ragnarok. Thai causes all of the realms to “bleed” into Asgard, which permits the armies that oppose Odin (in addition to Kratos and Atreus’ many allies) to assault Odin’s house. Even Angrboda reveals up, regardless of her earlier perception that she had largely fulfilled her position on this story. 



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