God and Mathematics

Did you already know that math is without doubt one of the most compelling proofs of God’s hand in creation? Most of us take it as a right that math works; some assume that arithmetic is a mere human invention. However, apart from creating completely different symbols and programs to symbolize math, man has NEVER created something in math.

Mathematical truths (e.g. ‘‘2 + 3 = 5’’) existed lengthy earlier than man found it. For instance, 2 + 3 = 5 was as true in the beginning of time as it’s as we speak. Indeed, it could be true even when there have been by no means any human beings, even when there have been by no means a universe! Yet, legal guidelines of arithmetic are conceptual in nature; they’ve and may don’t have any existence besides when they’re mentally conceived. So how can a conceptual entity like math exist earlier than any thoughts is round to suppose it? The reply is that math is not the product of a human thoughts, however somewhat the product of the thoughts of God. Since God has all the time existed and thought, the legal guidelines of arithmetic are additionally everlasting, present earlier than folks. I need to cease and say it is no marvel Romans 1:20 tells us that it’s ‘the issues which are made” that reveal the attributes of God (that He exists). Math can be common, immaterial and invariant as a result of God is himself omnipresent, immaterial, and invariant.

Math, Math Everywhere! 

As if that wasn’t sufficient proof, arithmetic can be embedded within the advanced framework of ALL life and the complete superstructure of the pure world round us:

1. Fractals. The time period “
fractal” was first utilized in 1975 to explain the unending, infinitely advanced, [often] self-similar, geometric patterns, which had been generated from the straightforward mathematical equation: Z = Z² + C. It is barely with the appearance of recent computer systems that it has been attainable to discover fractal constructions created by mathematical equations, such because the one under:
Isn’t that mindblowing? Just look on the intricacy, complexity (described as ‘infinitely advanced’), and wondrous magnificence hidden inside numbersOnly intelligence produces such issues. The proven fact that numbers are merely ideas makes it much more phenomenal, and puzzling for the secularist! As this math professor at Bowdoin College said of fractals,

“When you take a look at the Mandelbrot set and see its chaotically intricate and exquisite design, you may’t assist however really feel that there’s something bigger than life occurring right here–that you’re staring proper at some unexplainable cosmic thriller.” 

But this isn’t stunning, a Christian expects to seek out magnificence and order within the universe, not solely within the bodily universe, however within the summary realm of arithmetic as effectively. The verse “For by him all issues had been created” (Colossians 1:16) tells us God created all issues. The phrase all contains the whole lot, even math.

Fractal design on a leaf

You can also have seen some acquainted shapes within the GIF above, since nature is stuffed with fractals! You can discover them in phenomena starting from the construction of snowflakes, bushes, clouds to coastlines and mountain ranges. It appears that a number of the most advanced, chaotic networks in nature are literally not random, however may be outlined by fractals!In truth, fractal geometry can be utilized to mathematically mannequin creation. Today’s video video games and particular results for motion pictures are created utilizing fractal geometry. This is how motion pictures grew to become extra “lifelike” over the previous few many years (see the lifelike mountain scene pictured on the best). Isn’t it outstanding that the fact of those screen-worlds is feasible solely as a result of they efficiently mimic God’s creation? And nonetheless, when put next with the precise creation, they’re ridiculously easy!

2. The Golden ratio and Fibonacci collection. When we take any two successive (one after the opposite) Fibonacci Numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, … and many others), their ratio could be very near the Golden Ratio 1.618 … This ratio (and numbers within the Fibonacci sequence) seems everywhere in the pure world. You can discover them in phenomena starting from the shell of the chambered nautilus to hurricanes and spiral galaxies. See: The Golden Ratio: Amazing Proof of God

The Fibonacci spiral in Nature

3. Even the legal guidelines of nature comply with mathematical guidelines. As scientists report what they observe, most frequently they aren’t simply utilizing phrases and paragraphs. The legal guidelines of nature may be documented with numbersThey may be measured and computed within the language of arithmetic.

Galileo, one of many founders of recent science, was proper when he stated:

“The Universe is written within the language of arithmetic” 


The very existence of math is a miracle, not to mention the correspondence of conceptual mathematical legal guidelines to materials issues!

There can solely be one conclusion: the correspondence exists as a result of nature, arithmetic and the human thoughts have one supreme hyperlink — they’re all of the created merchandise of God, the Master Designer.

What will you do with God? Will you RECEIVE Him (John 1:12), or will you REJECT Him? (John 12:48) Your determination will decide your everlasting future! Learn extra: How To Receive Salvation



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