Fourth Homily for the Day of the Nativity of Christ (Archpriest Rodion Putyatin)


 By Archpriest Rodion Putyatin

“It is simpler for us to be content material with silence out of concern, which is innocent. However, to weave praises and hymns of need for You, Virgin, harmoniously matched is tough and harmful. But, Mother, as a lot as our intention is, so give us your personal energy.” (Christmas Canon of St. John of Damascus, Ode 9)Songs in honor of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ are prepared: the holy fathers wrote them, put them collectively; the Holy Church saved them – for us. But are we, the listeners, able to sing these divine songs? Are our lips pure? Is the tongue pure? Is the guts pure? Is the soul pure? For six weeks the Holy Church ready us for the singing of songs in honor of the Nativity of Christ; however even throughout these six weeks, have we stored our mouths from judging our neighbors? Were our hearts stored from sinful wishes? Have our tongues been curbed from obscene phrases? Were our souls protected against unclean ideas? At least throughout these six weeks of holy fasting, did they resort to fasting and prayer, to tears and repentance with a view to purify themselves from every kind of defilements of the flesh and spirit?

Yes, the competition has come, and songs in honor of it are prepared; however we, it appears, will not be but able to have fun the holy feast and will not be able to sing divine songs. When will we prepare? Oh, how might we not go to the opposite world so unprepared! There is blessedness in that everybody is consistently singing and glorifying the Lord, however we won’t be able to sing, or we shall be bored from singing, as we typically get bored right here.

The feast of the Nativity of Christ has come, and the songs in honor of it are prepared, however we … What ought to we do? Let us have fun, allow us to additionally unprepared sing songs in honor of the Nativity of Christ, ready for us by others: these divine songs are so holy that even by means of their singing our soul may be illuminated; these divine songs are so pure that by listening to them our coronary heart may be cleansed; they’re so aromatic with grace that even by means of our consideration to them we may be full of grace.

So, listeners, sing to our God, sing – sing to our King, sing! But you, Virgin Mother of God, if there may be any will, give us the energy to sing divine songs in honor of the Christ who was born from You. Amen.





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