Focus on the Eyes of Jesus

“Blessed are the pure of coronary heart, for they are going to see the Lord.” (Mt. 5: 8) This Beatitude exhorts and challenges us to attempt to see the Lord, on this life and with nice hope within the life to return, everlasting life.

Of nice significance for us to ponder the Lord with ours eyes, the eyes of our physique in addition to the eyes of our coronary heart, is to ponder the eyes of Jesus in Sacred Scripture, most particularly the Gospels.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, within the Spiritual Exercises, states that we must always begin off our Exercises, our every day meditation by imagining in Spanish, “Imaginar la mirada del Senor”; in English, “To think about the Face of the Lord.” Included implicitly on this could be in fact to think about the eyes of the Lord peering into our eyes.

Therefore, allow us to take a pause in our busy day to ponder the occasions when Our Lord appeared, gazed, peered into the eyes of others and derive ample fruit from this consideration.

1. The Baby Jesus  Birth of Jesus and the Shepherds (Luke 2: 1 – 20). Let us begin off with the Infant, the Little Baby Jesus wanting up and gazing tenderly and with nice love into the eyes of His Mother Mary. Can you think about the immense love Mother Mary should have skilled! Pope Saint John Paul II in his Apostolic Letter, “The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary”, invitations us to comply with the eyes of Mary considering Jesus from the crib all the best way to the cross. The eyes of Jesus and Mary and their Sacred Hearts have been always in good concord; so ought to we aspire to be in concord with them in our personal lives.

2. Saint Matthew  (Mt. 9: 9-13)  Jesus known as out to Matthew, the tax collector, and mentioned: “Follow me!” Immediately, Matthew bought up and left all to comply with Jesus. Then he organized a banquet to thank Jesus for this invitation that might seriously change his life. True, the phrases of Jesus penetrated his coronary heart, however it additionally should have been the penetrating gaze from the eyes of Jesus that led this Apostle, who had many materials possessions, to relinquish every little thing and capitulate to Jesus’ invitation. With the Word of Jesus and His penetrating and loving gaze, Matthew couldn’t resist. Imagine Jesus wanting lovingly at you proper now and difficult you, like Matthew, to comply with Him!

3. Zacchaeus  (Luke 19: 1-10)  This little man hanging from a tree wished to see Jesus along with his personal eyes. Being small of stature and pushed apart by the group, he knew it might be troublesome to virtually not possible to see Jesus. Then an concept crossed his thoughts: “If I climb a tree, I can no less than see Jesus as he passes by.” Never may the little man have imagined that Jesus would lookup and stare upon him, then problem him to return down and dine with him that very night time. It was the phrases of Jesus, but additionally His loving and penetrating gaze that melted the center of this tax collector—very very like Matthew, one other tax collector. Zacchaeus will give half of his cash to the poor, and if he defrauded anybody, he can pay them 4 occasions as a lot. For each Matthew and Zacchaeus, the loving gaze of Jesus and His Friendship have been price greater than all the cash, gold and possessions on the earth.

4. The Eyes Of The Father Of The Prodigal Son  Many would agree that the Parable of the Prodigal Son, or in the event you like, the Merciful Father, (Luke 15: 11-31) is without doubt one of the best tales ever instructed. When the daddy sees his son coming back from afar, he runs to satisfy his wayward son with eyes filled with mercy as a result of the center of the daddy is filled with mercy. Upon their encounter, are you able to think about the loving gaze of the daddy as he welcomes his rebellious son? Artistic masterpieces depict the eyes of the daddy welling up with tears and people tears working down the cheeks of the daddy. So too, the eyes of Jesus and the eyes of God the Father radiate mercy towards us—the love of God forgiving the repentant sinner.

5. The Paralytic And The Eyes Of Jesus (Luke 5: 17-26)  The buddies of the paralytic lowered their disabled buddy to Jesus, the Divine Physician, because the thatched roof rained down upon Jesus and all in the home. Jesus mounted His eyes on the paralytic and with nice pleasure instructed the person that his sins have been forgiven. Only then did Jesus inform the person to take up his mat and go residence. The eyes of Jesus penetrated to the person’s very soul, discerning and comprehending the sorrow and repentance of this man who was a paralytic of each soul and physique. Hence was he healed in each soul and physique! The eyes of Jesus understand the outside, but additionally probably the most inside recesses of the soul. So do the eyes of Jesus see who we’re from inside our soul to the outside of our physique, and He is prepared to heal us in our sorrow and repentance!

6. The Tears In The Eyes Of Jesus (John 11: 35) Jesus arrives to satisfy his two buddies Mary and Martha grieving over the lack of their brother Lazarus, who was additionally an expensive buddy of Jesus. In this circumstance, the Evangelist Saint John expresses a brief incident however one in all nice significance: JESUS WEPT! Let us peer into the eyes of Jesus on this painful occasion. Contemplate the tears welling up in Jesus’ eyes, streaming down His Sacred Face, and falling to the bottom. Jesus’ sorrow is deeply felt, even understanding that His tears and the tears of Martha and Mary will quickly be dried up and reworked into pleasure. For Jesus will summon Lazarus to stand up and are available again to life from the tomb. Enter now into the enjoyment of Jesus, Mary and Martha, and Lazarus because the dead man returns to life. We are that dead man after we are within the state of unrepentant mortal sin. What pleasure within the eyes of Jesus after we exit the tomb of our sins by an excellent confession and return to a lifetime of grace, sanctifying grace!

7. Jesus Lifts His Eyes To Heaven (Mt 14: 13-21) Before multiplying the loaves and the fishes to feed the hungry crowd, Jesus lifts up His eyes, lifts His gaze to Heaven, and thanks the Heavenly Father. These eyes of Jesus gazing heavenward educate us to boost our eyes to heaven and to have our hearts mounted on the realities of heaven and never these of the earth. Keeping our eyes lifted to Heaven motivates us to surrender the world and all that it has to supply for the heavenly treasures that await us.

8. Jesus Looks Down from the Cross (John 19: 26-27) As the Body of Jesus, now a gaping wound, nears the tip of His earthly existence, Jesus gazes down from the cross. He contemplates with loving eyes the 2 individuals whom He loves most and the 2 who cherished Him most: Mary, His Mother, and John, His beloved Disciple. As He gazes down upon them He says: “Woman behold thy son; son behold thy Mother. Then the disciple took her into his residence.” With His eyes stuffed with tears, spittle, sweat and blood, Jesus contemplates His Sorrowful Mother for the final time earlier than He breathes forth His spirit.

9. The Blessed Sacrament (Matthew 26: 26—The Last Supper and the Institution of the Eucharist) Every time you make a go to to a Catholic Church and have a look at the Tabernacle, or higher but, Jesus uncovered within the Monstrance, recall to mind that Jesus is really taking a look at you with nice love, tenderness, compassion and care. Look into the Eucharistic eyes of Jesus and inform Him that you just really love Him.

10. The Beatific Vision Finally, after now we have concluded our earthly pilgrimage, dying to sin and searching into the loving eyes of Jesus our Savior, we are going to die. But our bodily dying is just not the final phrase. Rather, the final phrase is life and Eternal life—HEAVEN! Once now we have been purified of all stain of sin, we shall be welcomed into our Heavenly Home. What will we see or ponder with our eyes? The beatific imaginative and prescient. With unveiled eyes we are going to gaze into the Face of Jesus, who’s the Lord of Lord’s, the King of King’s, the Beloved Son of God the Father, with His joyful and loving gaze mounted upon us for all eternity! This certainly is the purpose and the aim of our earthly existence.

In conclusion, allow us to carry up our gaze to Mary who is really the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church, and our personal loving Mother. It was the eyes of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who contemplated the Person and the eyes of Jesus for thirty years in His Hidden and Private Life. Then she contemplated His eyes as He held on the cross. And lastly, His eyes risen from the dead. However, now and for all eternity, Mary contemplates the superior, magnificent, splendid Face and eyes of Jesus for all eternity. Let the phrases of the Psalmist resound within the depths of our hearts: “Look to the Lord and be radiant with pleasure” (Ps. 34:5). May we ponder the eyes of Jesus now by religion, in order that sooner or later we are going to ponder His eyes nose to nose in Heaven for all eternity.

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