Florida home invader turns himself in, leads cops to elderly hostages

A Florida home invader’s guilty conscience led cops to an elderly couple who had been brutally tied up and held captive in their home for two days, according to reports.

Aubrey Lumpkin, 46, of Jacksonville, called 911 Monday night and blurted out that he was a “piece of s–t” who had “done horrible things,” the department said.

He then told the startled officers that there was an elderly couple in Green Cove Springs in need of urgent help.

“I’m a piece of s–t,” First Coast News reported. “I need medical assistance out here for an elderly couple. I’m turning myself in.” 

Cops went to the address Lumpkin gave and found a man and his spouse tied up, malnourished and covered in feces, according to First Coast News.

Lumpkin, a convicted felon, gave cops his location and was taken into custody without incident.

The traumatized homeowners, both in their 70s, were found with lesions on their arms and legs from being bound in duct tape for two days, cops said.

Lumpkin told police that he and another man went to the home with the intent to rob the husband and wife last Saturday.

Aubrey Lumpkin reportedly called the police on himself after he brutally tied up an elderly couple and held them captive in their home for two days.
Clay County Sheriff’s Office

Lumpkin said he entered through the front door while his accomplice came through a rear entrance.

The duo then ordered the couple on the floor and Lumpkin blasted two shots over their heads to discourage them from screaming for help, officials said.

After immobilizing them with duct tape, the men found the couple’s credit and ATM cards and forced them to cough up their pin numbers.

Home where Lumpkin held the couple hostage.

The elderly couple was found tied up, malnourished and covered in feces.
First Coast News
The supermarket Lumpkin used the couple's money at.
Lumpkin and another man reportedly used the couple’s credit and ATM cards to withdraw $3,000 from a nearby convenience store.
First Coast News
Police respond to the home of the elderly couple.
Lumpkin allegedly blasted two shots over the couple’s heads to discourage them from screaming for help.
First Coast News

They took turns pulling out a total of $3,000 from a nearby convenience store, cops said.

Lumpkin also admitted to using their car to make repeated trips to buy drugs during the 48-hour ordeal.

He is charged with home invasion with a firearm, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon and sale and delivery of drugs.

Police respond to the couple's home.
After giving his location, Lumpkin was taken into custody without incident.
First Coast News

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the case and are working to confirm that he had an accomplice.



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