Featherskin’s Packaging System Displays The Brand’s Quirkiness

Design company GL*TCH created the packaging system for Featforskin. The result’s a extremely fluid, revolutionary packaging system that values daring shade gradients and the exploration of quirk. The design is right for the GenZ demographic by means of components similar to distinctive shade mixtures, fascinating textures, and exaggerated typography.

We utilized the “fluid” idea to the brand and key visuals. Using a blast of daring gradient colours to indicate the model’s quirkiness and the liberty to decide on the precise mixture of skincare in your pores and skin.

Promotes a fluid and non-conforming definition of magnificence, the target is to make an inclusive skincare model to interrupt the wonder commonplace for younger millennials.

We create 4 gender-fluid-inspired tremendous graphics with grain texture symbolizes our pores. This sample may be positioned each in vertical & horizontal route.Also there are skincare associated icons can be utilized as ornament in any media to showcase the quirkiness of Featforskin, accessible in 2 shade mixtures. 

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph



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