Everland-Designed La Vie Is Plant-Based Bacon Aiming To Win Over The French

France has historically been a rustic of meat lovers. Classic and beloved dishes throughout the European nation function some type of animal protein, equivalent to beef bourguignon, jambon-beurre, coq au vin, terrines, bisque, and foie gras. 

But it’s slim pickings for vegetarians and even fewer choices for vegans.

Still, curiosity in lowering meat consumption and plant-based diets in L’hexagone has grown. According to a latest survey commissioned by the French ministry of agriculture, issues over animal welfare and the surroundings typically get cited as the highest causes by French flexitarians and non-meat-eaters for lowering or eliminating animal protein. The identical examine discovered that regardless of unease over the well-being of animals and the planet, 89% of French individuals benefit from the style of meat.

La Vie, which interprets to “Life,” is a brand new model of plant-based meat that doesn’t intention to persuade the nation of meat lovers it’s an alternative to animal flesh. Instead, La Vie manufacturers itself as a brand new various that is higher for animals, the surroundings, and other people. La Vie launched with each kinds of lardons, primarily small, thick strips of fatty bacon in style in French delicacies, in smoked and plain flavors.



The branding and visible identification, designed by studio Everland, is edgy, quirky, and heat. Featuring illustrations by Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte, the packaging includes a hippy-like vibe the place pigs and other people share a plate of meals that includes La Vie lardons. On the package deal for the smoked lardons, the pig’s shirt reads “Planet of the Pigs,” a realizing nod to the Planet of the Apes sequence. Peace symbols abound on each packages, and secondary graphics embrace bees, flowers, hearts, and the planet. Love and peace proceed within the emblem with a heart-shaped “V” in “La Vie.”


Can plant-based bacon win over the hearts and minds of a nation stuffed with ardent meat lovers? La Vie has got down to just do that with a gorgeous, heat, and enjoyable model identification and fantastically quirky packaging.

Images courtesy of Everland.



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