ELE I NA Launches OceanCirculation Therapy to Honour World Ocean Day : Experience…

ELE I NA Launches OceanCirculation Therapy to Honour World Ocean Day :  Experience…

ELE I NA is thrilled to introduce OceanCirculation remedy, a singular and  awe-inspiring interior journey immersed within the embrace of ocean water. This World Ocean  Day, we invite our visitors to embark on a transformative expertise that can nourish their thoughts, physique, and soul. Available completely at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN  LIFE MAADHOO, this modern remedy provides a wonderful and unparalleled alternative to  reconnect with oneself whereas being cradled by the light rhythms of the ocean. 

OceanCirculation remedy is a fascinating fusion of varied therapeutic modalities, together with  Watsu, Water Dance, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Manual Therapy, Osteopathy,  Physiotherapy, and Trigger Point Therapy. These fastidiously curated parts improve the  holistic Aquatic Bodywork, bringing forth refined methods and unlocking its full  therapeutic potential. 

One of the exceptional advantages of OceanCirculation remedy is the excessive magnesium content material  present in saltwater. As our visitors immerse themselves within the ocean or just take pleasure in its  proximity, their muscular tissues and nerves are regulated, blood sugar ranges are moderated, and 

sleep high quality is improved. The result’s a profound sense of rejuvenation, complemented  by the soothing rhythm of the waves, which harmonize their circadian rhythm. 

“Vitamin Sea” isn’t just a playful ocean pun; it highlights the important position of saltwater as  a nutrient for our physique’s largest organ – our pores and skin! Abundant in minerals corresponding to  magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium, saltwater boasts exceptional therapeutic properties. It  aids in decreasing irritation, safeguarding the pores and skin, and selling the therapeutic of  scrapes, cuts, and sores. Furthermore, saltwater enhances the move of lymph fluid,  doubtlessly decreasing the looks of cellulite. 

OceanCirculation remedy is especially efficient in addressing a variety of circumstances,  together with stress signs, restricted mobility, arthritis, rheumatism, again ache, persistent  illnesses, complications, migraines, insomnia, post-operative rehabilitation, accidents,  trauma, worry of water, and even throughout being pregnant. Each session, lasting for one hour,  supplies a devoted area for therapeutic and rejuvenation, adopted by an extra 45 minutes  for quiet integration. 

The therapeutic advantages of OceanCirculation lengthen to ache administration, sleep administration,  and stress administration. By immersing themselves on this holistic strategy, our visitors can alleviate bodily discomfort, enhance their sleep patterns, and successfully handle  stress ranges. OceanCirculation remedy facilitates a profound reference to our visitors’ interior  self whereas harnessing the therapeutic potential of saltwater and delicate manipulation. 

To have a good time World Ocean Day, ELE I NA invitations everybody to embrace the fantastic thing about the  ocean and expertise the transformative journey of OceanCirculation remedy. Discover the  serenity inside themselves, immerse within the therapeutic powers of the ocean, and emerge  replenished, revitalized, and harmonized with the rhythms of the ocean. 

For extra data or to e book a session, please go to or join with  us on [email protected]



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