Doctor Who: Which Whoniverse Spin-Offs Do We Want to See?

Tales from the Black Archives, named for UNITs secret Raiders of the Lost Arkmodel warehouse of captured goodies, can be an anthology like Rod Serling’s The Night Gallery, which every episode specializing in a distinct alien or unexplained artefact, and the horrible fates that befell the peculiar individuals who encountered it. SCP with a Doctor Who twist.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

If I had been Russell T Davies, watching telly in 2022, and I noticed Andor whereas seeing what this “Disney+” service was like, I anticipate I might assume two issues. The first of these issues would “I would like one”. The second can be “Hang on a second! Doesn’t this odor a bit… Terry Nation-y?”

Andors story of a resistance fought by peculiar, flawed, disproportionately British folks, towards villains that had been extra seemingly compromised collaborators or petty jobsworths than full on cartoon villains, owed an enormous debt not solely to Blake’s 7, but additionally The Survivors, and each these reveals carried on themes that Terry Nation took for a spin in one of many first nice Doctor Who tales, ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’.

Now, Russell T Davies, being Russell T Davies could also be already pondering “This sounds a bit prequel-y, and I’m probably not a prequel form of an individual. Does it need to be that Dalek Invasion of Earth?” and no, it doesn’t, but it surely ought to be. First, the ending of the invasion doesn’t must be predetermined – there’s been an entire Time War, bear in mind?

Secondly, as Star Wars has aptly proven again and again, understanding the ending doesn’t need to smash the story. We will nonetheless watch movies set throughout World War II whereas understanding how that turned out, received’t we?

So do it. Give us the story of the rag tag, fleabitten, morally compromised resistance of Earth, 2063. Humans worn out by plague, hunted by robomen, understanding that even their supposed allies would possibly promote them out for some additional meals rations. Terry Nation’s ethical pessimism, combined with the Russell T Davies who wrote “Midnight”, “Children of Earth” and Years and Years, can be a strong cocktail.



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