Divine Grace Drove the Apostles Crazy, in a Good Way, and Excited Them (St. Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva)

Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyva, talking about Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles, stated:


On Pentecost, the grace of God was poured out not solely on the apostles, however on all of the folks round them. It affected the believers and the unbelievers. What does Acts say? While the Apostle Peter was talking his personal language, his language was being processed within the minds of the listeners at the moment.In a secret means the Holy Spirit made them perceive his phrases of their language, secretly, with out being observed. These miracles are carried out by the affect of the Holy Spirit.

For instance, the phrase “dwelling” to somebody who knew French can be heard as “la maison”. It was a sort of clairvoyance; they heard their very own language. The sound was heard within the ear, however inwardly, with the illumination of God, the phrases have been heard of their language.

The Fathers of the Church don’t reveal this interpretation of Pentecost very overtly, they’re afraid of distortion. The similar is true of the Apocalypse of John. The ignorant can not perceive the that means of the thriller of God.

Below he says: “And each soul was crammed with worry” (Acts 2:43). This “worry” was not worry. It was one thing else, one thing international, one thing incomprehensible, one thing we can not clarify.

It was awe, it was achievement, it was grace. It was being crammed with divine grace. At Pentecost, folks all of a sudden discovered themselves in such a state of deification that they misplaced it.

Thus, when divine grace overshadowed them, it drove all of them loopy – in a great way – it excited them. This has made an enormous impression on me. It was what I generally name a “state of being”. It was pleasure. A state of religious insanity. 


Source: Γέροντος Πορφυρίου, Βίος και Λόγοι, εκδ. Ι.Μ. Χρυσοπηγής, σελ. 207-209. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.



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