Dieline’s Friday Wrap-Up: ‘Healthy’ Redesigns, Plastic Booties, and Why You Should Get Paid To Pitch

Dieline’s Friday Wrap-Up: ‘Healthy’ Redesigns, Plastic Booties, and Why You Should Get Paid To Pitch

We’re retaining it quick and candy from the get-go, guys, as we’re a bit underneath two weeks away from the 2023 Dieline Awards at HOW Design Live in Nashville. Do we already know who the winners are?

Yes. Yes, we do. 

And we’re even interviewing a few of them now as a result of that awards’ content material doesn’t write itself, youngsters.

Anywho, welcome to the hyperlink buffet.

No Title

Plastic recycling is a myth. Most recycling facilities send our plastic to landfills or oceans because it’s not actually profitable to recycle. So what should we do with all of this plastic trash? Introducing the Liquid Death Recycled Plastic Surgery Center. A revolutionary new approach to useless plastic garbage.

Welcome to My Nightmare

The new Liquid Death commercial is pure David Cronenberg physique horror as a result of as I used to be watching it, I used to be actually clenching my ass cheeks as they shoved plastic bits and doodads right into a human.

How To Wellness Grift

Tip of the cap to Design Taxi for hyping me to the existence of Matt Rosenman, a well being meals branding knowledgeable utilizing TikTk to rework junk meals manufacturers into one thing deceptively wholesome wanting. It’s a bit apparent, however Rosenman’s movies are fairly insightful in regards to the visible cues that make up the wellness area. Like Reese’s Pro-Plus? That’s fairly on the nostril.

Stay Alive

This redesign for Big Country Brewing, written up by Rudy, could be very Land, and, properly, that’s as a result of Land did the precise redesign. 

Stay Land, Land.


There’s No Such Thing As Free

Working at no cost is silly, and nobody ought to do it. As a youthful particular person, I did it loads. But I will not do it once more. 

But—not so soiled secret—I’m additionally not a designer, and as everyone knows, once you’re a design company or studio, you’re going to do some pitching. And it’s not paid work, which is deeply, deeply dumb, irresponsible, and morally doubtful. If you’re a museum or a giant model and also you’re circling the wagons round a couple of studios to work in your newest no matter, you must 100% pay these folks for his or her time. That shouldn’t even be up for debate.

Anywho, It’s Nice That has a superb piece up with some enjoyable stats—apparently, 64% of company and studio workers say that pitching is fairly dangerous in your psychological well being because it’s time-consuming and expensive. To which I might say, no shit.

Are We Having Funyuns Yet?

Did you want an image of two-way baseball celebrity Shohei Ohtani joylessly consuming a bag of Funyuns? I do know I did.


The Final Countdown

I’m unsure that “work hacks” exist. Case in level, Fast Company’s latest piece on “scary hour,” or the 60 minutes once you attempt to compensate for all of the work you’ve been pushing aside since ceaselessly in the past.

Not that I’m attempting to out myself, however should you’re a supreme procrastinator, each hour is “scary hour.” 



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