Did You Know My Little Pony Has Stealthy Cameos By The Big Lebowski Characters? – /Film

In “The Cutie Pox,” the present’s central ponies have been all idly bowling on the Ponyville Bowling Alley. The characters, it must be famous, stroll on all fours and don’t have any fingers, making bowling a little bit of a tough job. When the younger Scootaloo (Madeleine Peters) kicks a ball incorrectly, it careens throughout the alley, inflicting two acquainted ponies to duck out of the best way. Their hair and garments and setting match Jeff Bridges’ and John Goodman’s characters from “The Big Lebowski,” a movie for which bowling was a standard motif. Also seen within the background have been ponies made to seem like Steve Buscemi’s Donny and John Turturro’s Jesus. 

The ponies have historically bore colourful “tattoos” on their hind quarters known as, within the fable of the present, cutie marks. Cutie marks are likely to relate to the horse’s curiosity or character. Jeff Letrotski bears an unrolled pink rug, an object that Jeff Lebowski had stolen from him on the outset of the Coen Bros. film. Walter bore a suitcase as his cutie mark, a reference to a bag filled with soiled laundry that the Coens’ Walter supposed to make use of as a ringer in a kidnapping ransom trade. Donny’s cutie mark was merely a bowling ball flanked by two bowling pins. 

The characters began as a cute background joke, however they’d proceed to seem in crowd scenes in future “Friendship is Magic” episodes. All instructed, Jeff Letrotski would seem in eight episodes of the present. Walter would present up in three episodes. Donny … Well, Donny would seemingly undergo a tragic destiny, very very similar to his live-action counterpart. 



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