Dia Elis’ Olive Oil Packaging Features Olympian Sophistication

Cultivated for 1000’s of years, olives are a fruit native to the Mediterranean basin. According to the International Olive Council, a corporation dedicated to selling and supporting desk olives and olive oil, an estimated 3 million tons of oil get produced yearly.

The longtime consumption of olive oil and its connection to historical Greek tradition encourage Dia Elis’ packaging. Elis, situated within the Peloponnese space, was house to the traditional Olympics and the place Dia Elis’ Koroneiki olives are grown and cold-pressed into EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

Packaged in handmade 300ml ceramic bottles and designed by G Design Stduo, Dia Elis’ white vessels are deliberately modeled to resemble traditional Greek columns. The slender, fluted bottles full the classical Greek architectural look with a sq. field that unfolds to disclose a slim neck and wood cap inside. The container and the highest of the cap function Dia Elis’ emblem of a feminine athlete mid-stride. 

Typography additionally discovered inspiration in antiquity, and Dia Elis’ packaging makes use of slim, serif fonts to finish the Classic Greek look. A poem is printed on one panel of the field high, whereas one other boasts the excessive phenolic depend of Dia Elis’ oil.



Dia Elis’ packaging does a implausible job of exuding sophistication and high quality whereas tying olive oil to its historical, Mediterranean roots with allusions to native Greek tradition. Dia Elis’ packaging celebrates the vaulted function of the priestess of historical instances and trendy feminine Olympians in a chic means. Dia Elis can also be a major instance of wanting previous retro 80s and 90s themes, going means again to historical, classical design, as identified by Dieline’s newest pattern report.




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