Dead mom Cassie Carli’s ex-boyfriend appears to smirk in mugshot

The ex-boyfriend of slain mom Cassie Carli — whose body was found in a shallow grave in Alabama — appears to smirk in his mugshot after he was extradited from Tennessee to Florida.

Marcus Spanevelo’s expression is markedly different than the stern gaze in a recent mugshot taken at the Maury County jail, where he was held on charges of tampering and destroying evidence and providing false information.

He has been hit with an additional charge — obstruction of justice — for allegedly refusing to submit to a DNA test, a spokesperson for the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News.

Carli, 37, had warned her sister before her death that “if something should happen” to her, Spanevelo, 34, might be to blame, the US Sun reported.

Authorities found Carli buried inside a barn on April 2 in Springville, about 300 miles north of where she was last seen in Navarre Beach, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson has said.

Marcus Spanevelo, the ex-boyfriend of murdered Florida mom Cassie Carli, appears to be smirking in his mugshot.
Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Offi

The gruesome discovery was made nearly a week after she vanished while going to pick up her 4-year-old daughter, Saylor, in a custody exchange with Spanevelo.

Spanevelo, 34, was arrested during a traffic stop in Lebanon, Tennessee, but has not been directly charged with her death.

He was charged with destroying evidence in connection with his alleged disposal of Carli’s cellphone and giving false information concerning a missing person probe, officials have said.

Cassie Carlie Marcus Spanevelo

Cassie Carlie told her sister that if anything should happen to her, Marcus Spanevelo might be responsible.
Courtesy of Family

The suspect had been ordered to pay Carli $5,920 in attorney fees by a judge nine days before she vanished on March 27, Fox News has reported.

On Sunday, he was booked into the custody of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office and was scheduled to make his initial court appearance Tuesday, according to Fox News.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson told the outlet on Monday that additional charges would not likely be added until the investigation was complete.

Cassie Carli, Saylor
Cassie Carli disappeared when she went to pick up their daughter Saylor from her ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo. Her body was found buried in a barn in Alabama.
Courtesy Raeann Carli

Johnson reportedly told reporters that Spanevelo has “absolutely not” been cooperating with investigators.

“Think about it, it’s your baby’s mother and she’s missing, and you’re not going to cooperate with authorities. That’s kind of telltale,” he said Sunday. “Since we’ve been dealing with him, he’s been acting like a dirtbag. I don’t see that changing.”

He said: “Once the autopsy is done and you see the charges filed, you’ll understand, but I think we have a great case.

Marcus Spanevelo
Authorities say Marcus Spanevelo has not been cooperative and has been acting like a “dirtbag.”

“I think he’s either going to spend the rest of his life in prison, or he’s going to get the needle. Hopefully the needle,” the sheriff added.



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