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You can see the list from the Crime Prevention Research Center; it goes again greater than a 12 months, however I counted the incidents simply since June 4, 2021. The listing is supported by hyperlinks to media protection of every incident, so that you needn’t belief and may as a substitute confirm. I checked a number of and so they appear to take a look at, although in fact there’s all the time the potential for error in information protection (plus in fact there’s no cause to suppose that the listing is full, since there could effectively have been such incidents that weren’t lined within the information in a manner that will come up on the Center’s searches).

Naturally, it’s additionally exhausting to inform how the incident would have performed out had the defender not interceded; it doesn’t cowl the virtually actually way more frequent eventualities of self-defense towards non-mass shootings (and of the non-mass shootings themselves); and naturally this doesn’t inform us whether or not some explicit gun management proposal would possibly, on stability, scale back underlying gun crime in a manner that doesn’t unduly intervene with lawful self-defense. Still, I feel it’s value noting these incidents, to assist us take into account the potential prices of gun management measures that do unduly intervene with lawful self-defense. . . .

Eugene Volokh, “10 Cases in Past Year Where Law-Abiding Defenders “Have Stopped Likely Mass Public Shootings” With Guns,” Reason, June 4, 2022.

Myth 2: “These sorts of mass shootings by no means occur with the sort of frequency that they occur in America,” President Joe Biden just lately asserted.

A 2020 paper by John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, checked out mass shootings all over the world. He discovered that the United States “ranks 66th within the per capita frequency of those assaults and 56th within the homicide fee.”

Americans typically pay little consideration to what’s occurring in different nations. For occasion, the day earlier than the Texas taking pictures, gunmen murdered 11 folks in Mexico. Mexico’s strict gun management legal guidelines didn’t cease that bloodbath. Also, comparisons to different nations often fail to regulate for inhabitants. . . .

Victor Joecks, “Debunking 4 common gun-control myths,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 4, 2022.

Mass shootings usually are not a uniquely American downside. In reality the United States doesn’t even make the highest 10 in mass shootings per capita within the Crime Prevention Research Center’s 2015 report that measured the common dying fee per million folks from mass public shootings from 2009 to 2015. . . .

George Sweeney, “Gun control proposals won’t deter real criminals,” Yahoo! News, June 10, 2022.

But did Australia’s gun buyback program scale back violent gun crime?

No, in keeping with John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center. “Their firearms murder fee,” stated Lott, “had been falling for a decade previous to the buyback. It continued falling on the similar fee after the buyback. There was no sudden drop, only a pretty fixed decline that continued whilst gun possession rose again as much as earlier ranges. The armed theft fee rose within the first 5 years after the buyback. After one other 10 years, the speed had fallen to pre-buyback ranges.”

Larry Elder, “If ‘No One Wants to Take Our Guns,’ Stop Saying the Opposite,” Townhall, June 2, 2022.

According to a Crime Prevention Research Center report, “colleges that enable academics to hold weapons are extraordinarily secure.” As of 2019, 20 states enable academics and employees to hold weapons to various levels on faculty property.

“There has but to be a single case of somebody being wounded or killed from a taking pictures, not to mention a mass public taking pictures, between 6 a.m. and midnight at a faculty that lets academics carry weapons,” the report states. “Fears of academics carrying weapons when it comes to such issues as college students acquiring academics weapons haven’t occurred in any respect, and there was just one unintended discharge outdoors of faculty hours with nobody was actually harmed.

“While there haven’t been any issues at colleges with armed academics, the variety of folks killed at different colleges has elevated considerably – doubling between 2001 and 2008 versus 2009 and 2018,” the report factors out. . . .

Bethany Blankley, “While tragic, school shootings aren’t as common as claimed,” Daily Journal, May 30, 2022.

Figures like John Lott and Dana Loesch have been enmeshed in weapons for years, if not a long time. Agree or disagree with their opinions, they’ve studied the subject aggressively and supply sober insights.

What has McConaughey accomplished to measure up? . . .

Christian Toto, “McConaughey Just Picked His Political Party. Huge Mistake,” Hollywood in Toto, June 9, 2022.

Meanwhile, a 2019 examine of GCOs by the Crime Prevention Research Center’s Dr. John Lott found “no vital impact on homicide, suicide, the variety of folks killed in mass public shootings, theft, aggravated assault, or housebreaking.” . . .

F. Paul Valone, “Why conservatives should not ‘compromise’ on ‘reasonable’ gun control,” The Carolina Journal, June 9, 2022.

There are at present 21.5 million hid carry permits within the U.S., in keeping with a 2021 examine: “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States,” by John R. Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and writer of the guide “More Guns, Less Crime.” That means Florida has almost 12% of hid weapons permits nationwide. . . .

Mary Wozniak, “Conceal Carry,” Florida Weekly, June 2, 2022.

In a latest op-ed revealed in Newsweek, a gun rights advocate researcher argues that Democrats’ give attention to gun management gained’t clear up any of our issues. So if gun management isn’t the reply, then what’s? 

Dr. John Lott joined The National Desk to debate the difficulty and supply some perspective on the talk. 

We need to do one thing however we need to do one thing that’s going to really matter and the one coverage that I do know of that’s had any impact on these is eliminating these gun-free zones. These killers could also be loopy in some sense however they’re not silly. They need to attempt to go to someplace the place they will kill as many individuals as potential,” Lott stated. . . .

The National Desk, “Gun-free zones should be eliminated, gun rights advocate says,” (Portland, Oregon), May 31, 2022.

Cruz spokesman Steve Guest advised The Washington Post that Stone’s line of questioning surrounding mass shootings within the United States was incorrect. Guest pointed to analysis from the Crime Research Prevention Center, a pro-firearms nonprofit based by former Trump appointee John R. Lott Jr., that claims “the U.S. is effectively under the world common when it comes to the variety of mass public shootings.”

“Contrary to a reporter’s assertion that steered mass shootings are a uniquely American downside, the info exhibits that’s not correct,” Guest stated. “In addition to not being true, making that false argument isn’t truly useful.”

Timothy Bella, “Cruz storms off after being asked why mass shootings happen ‘only in America’,” Washington Post, May 26, 2022.

More just lately, the tragic, preventable slaying of 17 college students by accused gunman Nikolas Cruz elicited related sentiments from Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, talking within the Senate simply final Thursday: “This occurs nowhere else aside from the United States of America.”

Powerful remarks, and little doubt heartfelt. But a examine of worldwide mass-shooting incidents from 2009 to 2015 by the Crime Prevention Research Center, headed by economist John Lott, exhibits the U.S. doesn’t lead the world in mass shootings. In reality, it doesn’t even make the highest 10, when measured by dying fee per million inhabitants from mass public shootings.

So who’s tops? Surprisingly, Norway is, with an outlier mass taking pictures dying fee of 1.888 per million (excessive little doubt due to the rifle assault by political extremist Anders Brevik that claimed 77 lives in 2011). No. 2 is Serbia, at simply 0.381, adopted by France at 0.347, Macedonia at 0.337, and Albania at 0.206. Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, and Czech Republic all observe. Then comes the U.S., at No. 11, with a dying fee of 0.089.

That’s not all. There have been additionally 27% extra casualties from 2009 to 2015 per mass taking pictures incident within the European Union than within the U.S.

“There have been 16 instances the place at the least 15 folks have been killed,” the examine stated. “Out of these instances, 4 have been within the United States, two in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.”

“But the U.S. has a inhabitants 4 occasions larger than Germany’s and 5 occasions the U.Okay.’s, so on a per-capita foundation the U.S. ranks low compared — truly, these two nations would have had a frequency of assaults 1.96 (Germany) and a pair of.46 (UK) occasions increased.”

Yes, the U.S. fee remains to be excessive, and nothing to be happy with. But it’s not the best within the developed world. Not by a protracted shot. . . .

“Some facts about gun violence,” Craiglist, May 30, 2022.

When that examine got here out in 2014, it did not impress John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Lott noticed that whereas homicides elevated in Missouri by 17 p.c within the 5 years after the state rescinded buy licensing, deliberate killings rose by almost one-third earlier than the coverage acquired repealed. 

“It’s only a very deceptive declare” that ending permit-to-purchase drove murders up within the Show-Me State, he advised The Pennsylvania Daily Star

In an analysis of the Johns Hopkins examine, Lott talked about he examined quite a few comparable state legal guidelines and their results within the third version of his well-known guide More Guns, Less Crime. Therein, he decided these statutes put no discernible downward strain on murder charges. . . .

Bradley Vasoli, “Pennsylvania Senate Democrat Proposes Eligibility License for Guns,” The Pennsylvania Daily Star, May 26, 2022.

New analysis from John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, reveals {that a} shockingly giant share of Americans imagine that almost all violent crimes contain a firearm. This shouldn’t be true.

As Lott just lately wrote “a brand new survey finds that individuals are badly misinformed about how a lot violent crime includes weapons. The common doubtless voter is manner off, considering that over 46% of violent crimes contain weapons. In reality, the true determine is lower than 8%. Not surprisingly, those that imagine that almost all violent crime includes weapons usually tend to view gun management as the answer.”

Part of the rationale for this view could also be the results of President Joe Biden’s (D) continuous misrepresentations about violent crime and firearms. As Lott famous, in 4 main speeches on violent crime and gun management since taking workplace, Biden talked about “gun” or “firearm” 179 occasions, and “weapon” (generally related with “assault weapon”) one other 31 occasions. 

In those self same speeches, Biden refers back to the phrases “crime,” “violence” or “violent” 94 occasions, with the phrases “homicide” or “murder” used seven occasions.

Biden’s total message—shared with out a lot of a essential view from the media—is that “weapons” and “firearms” are the issue, not the criminals committing the crimes. The answer, in keeping with Biden and fellow anti-gun activists, is ever-more gun management.   

“But,” Lott famous, “this ‘weapons first’ method to cut back total violent crime ignores a primary reality—over 92% of violent crimes in America don’t contain firearms. Although Biden blames weapons for the rise in violent crime, the most recent information present that gun crimes fell dramatically.”

That information got here proper from the federal authorities; particularly, it got here the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey. In the most recent 12 months accessible, 2020, that survey indicated that simply 7.9% of violent crimes, together with aggravated assaults, murders, rapes and robberies, concerned using a firearm. . . .

Brian McCombie, “New Data Shows How Much the Mainstream Media is Misinforming the Public About Guns,” America’s 1st Freedom, June 4, 2022.

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