Coverage could soon be impossible for multifamily real estate insureds to secure

Jeremy Burr, VP of gross sales specializing in multifamily actual property transactions at Insurance Office of America (IOA), described assault and battery – the place a person makes use of their very own physique and/or a weapon of some type to inflict hurt on one other – as “the most heinous claim type that is really crushing the casualty side of our property and casualty (P&C) sector”.

“Historically, general liability policies have been silent on assault and battery insurance coverage, meaning that there was no explicit coverage or exclusion for assault and battery,” stated Burr. “But with the hardening of the insurance market, that has now changed. While some carriers are still silent, others have introduced a sublimit for assault and battery. Instead of the $1 million per occurrence coverage that used to be offered via the general liability policy forms being silent, now they’re sub-limiting coverage to $50,000 or $100,000 and so on. There are also carriers who have introduced specific exclusions for all assault and battery-type claims.”

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There are two key elements that underwriters are utilizing to create their positions round assault and battery exclusions, in line with Burr. The first is historic claims expertise, so any insured with a historical past of assault and battery claims or points ought to count on not less than a discount of protection to a sublimit, or an general protection exclusion.

“The second is a new-found utilization of the pulling of crime scores by underwriters for geographic locations,” Burr advised Insurance Business. “A broker says they’ve got a client in a certain zip code, or at a specific street corner or intersection, and the underwriters have the ability to go online and pull crime scores for that area and determine, based on different data points, how safe that community is. Obviously, the more dangerous the community, the more likely that there’s going to be a reduction or exclusion of assault and battery coverage.”

There are sure issues that multifamily actual property insureds can do to mitigate the chance of assault and battery. For instance, Burr advised hiring a safety firm to observe the chance, fencing and gating the neighborhood, placing up signage to warn in opposition to crimes, utilizing safety cameras, and making certain that the property and its surrounding areas are properly lit.

Unfortunately, the truth is that multifamily actual property house owners will be held liable for many incidents on their property, even when they contain prison acts. A easy declare would possibly contain an individual who enters a multifamily constructing and assaults a resident, and that resident then sues the property proprietor for not protecting the constructing secure and safe.

“That type of claim makes sense,” Burr commented, “but we’ve even seen claims involving two people who don’t live in the property, who perhaps get into an altercation during a bad drug deal in the parking lot, an incident ensues, and the property owner is sued for lack of security.”

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Burr added that whereas many insureds in that situation would attempt to defend themselves by highlighting the prison nature of the act, it’s typically cheaper for the insurance coverage service to pay a settlement and resolve the scenario outdoors of the court docket system than it’s for them to pay to truly struggle in opposition to the declare. That problem to defend is another excuse why charges are growing so considerably in assault and battery protection.

“I think this is a trend that is likely gaining steam as we speak, unless there is tort reform with how our system works so that there’s a limitation to the liability of a landlord,” stated Burr. “I think that, not only is the market going to continue to harden in 2022 or become worse, there’s a likelihood in my mind that, at some point, almost all properties will be unable to even get assault and battery coverage.”


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