Coral Conservation at OBLU SELECT Sangeli

Coral reefs, the magical underwater colonies, at the moment are dwindling world over due to world warming, ocean acidification, and air pollution. In response to those threats, OBLU SELECT Sangeli initiated a reef conservation program in January 2019. 

The first step was to construct a coral nursery to assist restore the misplaced coral cowl. Located in the principle lagoon, the nursery makes use of the coral line methodology – with 151 coral fragments twisted into seven five-meter-long ropes and propagated and grown. In addition, 60 steel frames with 2280 fragments have been positioned in 3 completely different areas across the island. These coral gardens embrace,

  • 15 frames in the principle lagoon at 7-8 metres depth
  • 35 frames in entrance of the water villas at 2 metres depth
  • 10 frames within the lagoon aspect of the water villas

Making a Difference – Installing Over 2000 New Coral Colonies 

The coral bleaching in 2016 had left the reefs round Sangeli island barren with coral rubble and sandy lagoon beds. Without the life-sustaining reefs, marine life additionally dwindled.

However, underneath the watchful eye of in-house Marine Biologist, Giorgia Maggioni, the coral nursery received a shot within the arm and thrived within the final three years. These websites are nurtured and often monitored to take away marine particles and replant damaged corals. Colonies on the rope construction are rising nicely and plenty of of them are being transplanted to the home reef utilizing a selected cement meant for underwater functions. The survival fee of those corals could be very excessive.

Thanks to all of the conservation efforts, the lagoon mattress now has a lush coral cowl, with many fish and different marine animals visiting and inhabiting the frames. Snorkellers can see a myriad of ocean life with parrotfish, snappers, eagle rays, sharks, and plenty of different fish species and invertebrates.

Marine Talks, organized twice per week, present an summary of the native natural world with a concentrate on corals, turtles, sharks, and rays. In-villa tv screens function an attractive video that outlines protected snorkelling practices, entry factors into the lagoon and tips about avoiding touching or by accident stepping on sea creatures and corals.

Ghost nets are fishing nets which have been deserted, misplaced, or discarded at sea, on seashores or in harbours. In the Maldives using nets is prohibited nevertheless, because of the oceanic currents, massive ghost nets typically wash up on the islands. This occurred not too long ago at Sangeli island. The colleagues on the resort eliminated 4 nets from the ocean and launched the entangled animals again into the ocean.

The most vibrant threads from the nets have been cleaned and repurposed into 100% recycled plastic bracelets. These ghost web bracelets have been then offered to company and the proceeds have been all used to fund the coral restoration venture.

CTA: Buy a Bracelet & Protect Our Corals

100% web proceeds help coral reef restoration efforts at OBLU SELECT Sangeli.

Protecting Hawksbill Turtles

Hawksbill Turtles, one of many seven critically endangered species within the Maldives, are sometimes discovered across the island of Sangeli. To shield these light creatures, the resort initiated a photo-identification initiative in collaboration with Marine Savers and Olive Ridley Project (ORP).

A brand new turtle was recognized within the Sangeli home reef and named Akiri, in honour of the island’s native identify of Akirifushi. Guests can even get educated on photograph identification and look out for Hawksbill Turtles throughout dives, ought to they want to. And, if there occurs to be a brand new identification, they get to call the turtle!

Sea Turtle Nesting And Hatching

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts has a Standard Operating Procedure to determine, monitor, deal with, and launch sea turtle hatchlings into the wild. First ready and applied at OBLU SELECT Sangeli, this process ensures that turtle nests and hatchings discovered on the resorts are protected, thus growing the chance of the hatchlings surviving as soon as they attain the ocean.



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