Connecticut dad told cops he killed family because they needed to ‘pass over’ before apocalypse, jury hears

The Connecticut dad who confessed to murdering his family in their Florida house near Disney World had wanted them to “pass over to the other side together” before the apocalypse, his trial heard this week.

Physical therapist Anthony Todt, 46, had confessed to poisoning and stabbing his wife, three kids and dog after he was found in January 2020 living with their decomposing bodies in their new home in Celebration.

He later switched the blame to his now-dead wife, Megan, with jurors on Thursday starting deliberations on four first-degree murder charges, all of which he now denies, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

However, the jury was shown Todt’s videotaped confession on Tuesday, in which he detailed stabbing and smothering sons Alek, 13, and Tyler, 11, after first smothering 4-year-old daughter Zoe, the report said.

Anthony Todt initially confessed to murdering his wife and children to police before shifting the blame to his wife in court.
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He then “took a pillow and suffocated” his 42-year-old wife, Megan, after she stabbed herself in the stomach as part of their death pact — one they had even discussed earlier with the kids, the trial heard.

Todt then told detectives that “everybody needed to die in order to pass over to the other side together because the apocalypse was coming,” Assistant State Attorney Danielle Pinnell told Osceola County Courthouse, according to the Sentinel.

He said he had then tried to kill himself several times, trying to overdose on Benadryl and hang himself, though he “chickened out” of stabbing himself to death, the report noted.

Anthony Todt home

Anthony Todt was found living with the decomposing bodies of his wife, three kids, and dog in their home near Disney World.

He confessed after being found with the decomposing bodies during a Jan. 13 FBI raid to arrest him on federal health care fraud charges related to his Connecticut physical therapy business, the court heard.

Jurors watched bodycam footage that showed Todt telling deputies and FBI agents that his wife was just sleeping, even yelling out her name.

Instead, officers found the Todt’s wife, children and dog wrapped in blankets in the master bedroom, where they appeared to have been for weeks, the Sentinel report noted.

Megan Todt and children
Anthony Todt told police that he murdered his family because the apocalypse was coming.

“The bodies were discolored — black and blue,” one of the federal officers, Michael Phelps, told the trial. Todt has also been charged with one count of animal cruelty for killing the family dog, Breezy.

Despite his detailed confession, Todt later denied any involvement — passing all blame onto his now-dead wife.

“I came home and my kids were dead,” Todt testified Wednesday, claiming his wife was still alive and confessed to killing them with a poisoned pie, according to the Sentinel’s reports.

Anthony Todt
Anthony Todt was found with the bodies of his family after the FBI raided his home to arrest him on fraud charges related to his Physical Therapy business.
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“It was the most horrible day of my life. What made it more horrible was my wife died in front of me also,” he said.

He insisted his wife had become became fixated with reincarnation following a series of health problems, saying she was convinced they would be reborn to a better life if they “burned the family karma.”

Despite this, he insisted he had no way of stopping the slaughter.

“Everything was good. … I didn’t see this coming,” he insisted, according to the Sentinel.

Anthony Todt
Anthony Todt said in court that his wife killed their children with a poisoned pie and stabbed herself.

He told the court that he had no memory of making the confession that jurors watched for hours on Tuesday.

“I was covering for my wife … Obviously, unsuccessfully. I had no clue how my kids died,” he insisted.

“My testimony today is the fact that Megan killed her kids and killed herself … I said things that have been proven incorrect,” he told the court, according to the Sentinel.

The jury was on Thursday deliberating the four murder charges, as well as
one count of animal cruelty for allegedly also killing the family dog, Breezy.



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