Confessions of St. Patrick

Confessions of St. Patrick

“My identify is Patrick. I’m a sinner, a easy nation individual, and the least of all believers.”

So opens the Confessions of a St. Patrick, the patron saint whose feast we appear to rejoice all through March. Granted, if you’re a fellow city dweller in North America, you most likely aren’t going to listen to a lot about this unbelievable saint.

This continent has been celebrating St. Patrick since 1601 when the residents of the colony of St. Augustine celebrated his feast with a Mass and a procession. St. Patrick, in his humility, might have hardly imagined how folks would thank God for him a thousand years later and over a thousand miles from his dwelling. And we proceed to rejoice, even beneath the trendy revelry. 

It’s exhausting to recollect, however St. Patrick was an actual individual. We have a few of his writings, however extra individuals are aware of his varied legends. These incredible tales inform of St. Patrick dealing with wizards, giants, demons, and even the doorway to Purgatory. They appear exhausting to imagine however these tales give higher that means to our celebration of his identify every March. I want to inform you two of those tales.

While I’d suggest you learn his Confessions (and the comedian model within the beautiful The Saints Chronicles: 1), the tales of St. Patrick remind us of 1 necessary reality: with God, all issues are attainable, even by way of essentially the most unlikely of saints. 

The Basics of St. Patrick

I don’t have the house to provide a whole biography of such an incredible man. What is necessary to know is that Patrick was a Roman in Britain whose latin identify Patricius signifies a fatherly high quality. He was not born in Ireland, however kidnapped and enslaved on the island. 

For the Christian creativeness, Ireland was on the very fringe of the recognized world. It was a land of competing kings, pirates, and slave-traders. While Patrick would escape his enslavement, he felt the Holy Spirit calling him again to Christianize the island. God calls to all of us however it’s exhausting to search out any person who responds in such a brave means. 

Patrick obeyed God’s name and saved Ireland. Remarkably, in later generations, Irish monks would set up or reestablish Christian monasteries and missions everywhere in the world. By the center ages, Irish monks had arrange establishments in locations like Britain, Italy, Iceland, and even Vienna. Some of those monasteries, like Bobbio and Melk Abbey, nonetheless exist right this moment and proceed the unique mission of the early medieval Irish missionaries. 

By saving Ireland, Patrick helped to avoid wasting the world and protect the Roman-Christian order. That is why his identify remains to be broadly celebrated. 

The Demonic Birds of Croagh Patrick

Every July in County Mayo, Ireland, tens of 1000’s of pilgrims collect to stroll up Croagh Patrick (St. Patrick’s stack) barefoot. Looming at 2500 toes, Croagh Patrick, nicknamed “the Reek,” is a rocky landmark within the Irish countryside and has attracted pilgrims for hundreds of years. 

Mystical visions led Patrick again to Ireland, the land that held him captive as a slave in his youth. At occasions the land itself appeared to be towards Patrick. In some tales, Patrick made himself an enemy of the previous gods who refused to let go of Ireland and would confront Patrick with all types of horrors. 

It was throughout Lent in 441 AD when Patrick ascended the nice Reek mountain rising over County Mayo the place he desired to quick and do penance. Tírechán, a Seventh-century Irish bishop and biographer, recounts that the holy saint was beseeched by horrors in his solitude. 

St. Patrick’s presence and solitude caught the eye of many. Among these had been the powers of darkness, presumably a demonic feminine serpent named Corra or Caorthannach. Either means, as night time set and Patrick was deep into his prayers, fasting, and penance, demons within the type of blackbirds blocked the sky round him. The plague of birds set free a demonic music whereas they destroyed farms and mocked the saint.

Patrick first tried to strike them together with his shepherd’s crozier. The birds would disappear into smoke solely to search out their kind and mock him and his religion. Then Patrick flung holy water whereas he referred to as out a hymn of reward. The birds retreated however quickly got here again, harassing fishermen and kids on the way in which again to mock Patrick. 

Finally, Patrick raised up his sacred bell. Like right this moment, bells had been usually used to name folks to prayer and the liturgy. He rang out the bell and prayed to God for power. The demons had by no means heard such a sound earlier than and shortly they fled in anguish to get replaced by white doves who loudly sang songs of worship. The bell remains to be in Ireland’s nationwide museum and it’s mentioned that Patrick had chased the demons off that mountain as soon as and for all.

The mountain was proclaimed Croagh Patrick, or St. Patrick’s Stack. And ever since then, pilgrims collect for Reek Sunday on the finish of July. Some even begin their journey 22 miles away at Ballintubber Abbey to stroll the traditional pilgrimage route referred to as the Tochar Padraig. Either means, these tens of 1000’s of pilgrims reenact a most daring time of Patrick’s journey and the nice saint’s legacy of penance and prayer lives on in each soul that walks up the sacred mountain. 

St. Patrick’s Purgatory, A Place of Penance

Among the various miraculous deeds of St. Patrick, medieval Europe was particularly moved by St. Patrick’s imaginative and prescient of the afterlife on a small island on Lough Derg, or Lake of the Cave. Pilgrims got here from as distant as Hungary and Italy to see this mysterious island cave the place the Apostle of Ireland, and plenty of since, had gazed upon the struggling souls in purgatory. 

The story appears tall, but it surely has impacted poets from Dante to Seamus Heaney, and even impressed medieval frescoes of the cave within the Umbrian hill city of Todi, Italy, not removed from Assisi and Orvieto. What captured their creativeness and why did so many individuals come to this cave, a sort of gateway to the afterlife?

Patrick arrived to this lake whereas preaching within the surrounding space of Donegal. The story goes that the folks of Donegal had been, at first, hard-hearted and cussed of their superstitious methods. They particularly couldn’t imagine the Catholic imaginative and prescient of the afterlife and wished some exhausting proof. 

As we regularly do, we subsequent discover Patrick transferring to a spot of solitude in order that he can quick, pray, and do penance for the souls of the folks he was attempting to transform. Perhaps this passionate zeal and dedication to penance is why the unusual and supernatural appear to comply with St. Patrick. 

While within the midst of prayer, Patrick had a imaginative and prescient of Christ calling him to an island cave. When Patrick entered the cave he was vexed with the photographs of souls in purgatory, calling him to hope for them and to do penance for all souls. When Patrick confirmed this to the folks, they discovered a effectively and begged to be baptized on the sight of the sufferings which will await them. 

Now, in pre-Christian Ireland, there have been in actual fact a number of caves that had been considered passages to the underworld. So, certainly, this accounting of miraculous occasions baptizes the previous methods of Ireland into the Christian view of the world. And what’s now referred to as St. Patrick’s Purgatory has been a web site of Christian pilgrimage for over 1500 years, unbroken even within the penal occasions. 

Among essentially the most well-known guests was the Knight Owen who made his pilgrimage within the twelfth century. Owen had achieved nice violence in warfare and sought to do penance. However, the abbot was not too eager to let too many individuals within the cave. Since St. Patrick’s time, the cave had a heavy door and lock put in on it and only some might enter, on account of the fearsome visions. 

Owen wouldn’t be deterred from doing penance, so he spent 15 days in fasting, prayer, and listening to the Mass. The abbot relented, gave the Knight the sacraments  and permitted him to enter the purgatorial cave. 

It would take too lengthy to debate Owen’s imaginative and prescient, however he noticed fairly a couple of souls and met even the saints and angels who instructed him. Owen would spend the remainder of his days in penance and peace, however his harrowing story of tortured souls and reassuring angels introduced many extra pilgrims after him. 

The cave is buried now, and has been since 1632. But pilgrims nonetheless collect to hope, do penance, and to take a seat and consider the place their soul could also be headed. While different websites like Knock will get many extra guests, there may be nonetheless one thing spectacular that tens of 1000’s of pilgrims collect to do penance and to hope as St. Patrick did so many ages in the past. 

Further Reading

As you possibly can see from our two temporary tales, St. Patrick is greater than a good-luck allure. His personal phrases and accounts of his nice deeds might fill lots of of articles. You may even have your personal favourite story of the unbelievable work of St. Patrick. 

For extra studying, let me first suggest the (free) copy of his Confessions on EWTN. Other books I like to recommend embody:

  • The Saints Chronicles: 1, which provides a strong visible account of the story of St. Patrick in addition to Joan of Arc and extra.
  • Twenty Tales of Irish Saints, an enthralling assortment for younger readers.
  • Tradivox, Volume 4, which collects a very powerful quick catechisms of early-modern Ireland. This is a welcome assortment for these of us who adore the non secular works of our forebearers. 

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash



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