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Citta: Mindfulness of Mind – Insight Meditation Society

Tempel Smith started practising Vipassana and metta meditation in 1989. He spent a 12 months in Burma as an ordained monk with Ven. Sayadaw U Pandita and Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw in 1997. He has taught meditation and Buddhist psychology to all kinds of individuals together with prisoners, activists, youth, service suppliers, and people with extreme and continual sicknesses. In 2008, he joined a four-year teacher coaching program run by Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock and IMS, and now leads the two-year Dedicated Practitioner Program at Spirit Rock. The Dharma Tempel teaches is knowledgeable by western sciences and psychology, Theravada Buddhism, and somatic primarily based trauma therapeutic. For extra information on Tempel, please visit his website.


The Pali phrase “citta” is translated into two phrases: thoughts and coronary heart. It’s sometimes called “mindfulness of thoughts.” Citta is all of the qualities that find yourself understanding or having our expertise. When we simply use mindfulness of thoughts, it tends to level as much as the place we’re doing a variety of our pondering, however it’s actually the totality of the whole lot we name emotional, embodied instinct, and all of the quick, crunchy cognitive stuff. This is the Third Foundation of Mindfulness.

The First Foundation of Mindfulness is physique, the Second is vedana or feeling tone, and the Third is mindfulness of thoughts or citta. The Fourth is trying on the programs we are able to domesticate that result in our freedom.

Time generally produces steady experiences. But it’s not actually steady, it could actually and can change. And when issues are repetitive, or they modify slowly, our strange minds will take a snapshot and say, “This is steady.” We don’t monitor the delicate nuances and we take aid in the truth that it feels steady. This units us up for being confused when modifications occur.

The Buddha wished us to tune into this: not solely that issues change, however that if we are able to take our aware intimacy to those 4 areas, we’ll see that there’s often a standard denominator of why we’re struggling. The first is understanding your physique and coming to phrases with having a human animal that’s your property base for this life and watching it do pure issues: develop, age, and die. That is totally pure, however we’re not in alignment with that. And, subsequently, growing old terrifies us.

The Buddha needs us to develop mindfulness—a heightened intimacy with life that we don’t often have in strange standard dwelling—and convey it to those locations. He mentioned, after we misunderstand the physique, misunderstand vedana (feeling tone), misunderstand the thoughts, and misunderstand the processes that brew our struggling, we’re at all times miss-guessing or misperceiving why we’re struggling. He mentioned, develop your personal mindfulness and also you’ll begin untangling struggling patterns.

It behooves you to have a look at vedana, or feeling tone, as a result of it’s going to do extra on your struggling than nearly something you could possibly do together with your mindfulness. Getting a way of: “That’s disagreeable. I don’t prefer it. That’s why I’m ramping up all this reactivity. That’s why there’s a lot ailing will.” At its core, it began with one thing that was disagreeable. And if I can breathe with one thing disagreeable, I don’t should go on the journey of defeating the factor and altering all of humanity to eliminate this factor. I can breathe by way of it, after which ask, “Can I do one thing about this unpleasantness?” But if it means altering human habits, in order that I don’t should really feel one thing disagreeable, that’s a tough one.

The Third Foundation of Mindfulness, citta or mindfulness of thoughts, is taking a look at your subjective expertise of your personal thoughts. And, besides while you’re asleep, your thoughts is providing you with direct entry to a human thoughts. And you are taking it very personally as a result of it’s your thoughts. But you could possibly say, “For the following 24 hours, I’m going to sit down again—obtained my popcorn, obtained my soda—and I’m going to observe what a human thoughts does.”

It’s wonderful how complicated the thoughts is. It’s not like tic tac toe, the place you run out of permutations shortly. Your personal thoughts is sort of unbelievable: the way it strikes, how delicate it’s, how highly effective it’s, how deep a few of the habits are. And they’re deep for a very long time, after which in the future, they evaporate. Or the behavior evaporates slowly over time, otherwise you’re nonetheless engaged on the identical behavior by way of remedy, LSD journeys, and no matter you are able to do to attempt to dislodge this behavior. And the behavior simply retains chugging alongside.

If we didn’t take our minds so personally, we may study rather a lot about being human. Some of the themes are common. Some folks have slightly extra concern, some have slightly extra anger, some have slightly extra peacefulness. But all of us have a human thoughts and there are a variety of commonalities to having a human thoughts. The invitation of mindfulness—and what I’d love so that you can do—is to get extra intimate with your personal thoughts and take it much less personally.

One of the methods I do that’s I speak about myself within the third particular person—very intimately. For instance, “Tempel wakened, and he’s so groggy this morning. And I attempted my finest to wake him up as a result of he had issues to do, and he simply wouldn’t get up.”

If I speak about Tempel within the third particular person, I don’t should take it personally that he was laborious to get up. It’s extra intimacy, however much less about observing me. What I can take personally is that I’ve labored with Tempel a very long time, and he has some insecurities which are deeply rooted. But he additionally has some strengths that I’ve realized that I used to be taking without any consideration that weren’t identified once I was younger.

A heightened self-intimacy, however not taking that self so personally, is a technique we are able to endure much less. It’s going to occur to you anyhow, and you could possibly go in with this knowledge, or you could possibly be dragged into it. But you can not management what is going to occur tomorrow. And it gained’t be your fault. But you’ll blame or credit score your self for what occurs.

If you step again from taking it so personally, however step in with aware curiosity, your thoughts goes to indicate you a large number: what human unhappiness is like, what human boredom is like, what human satisfaction is like, and so on. It will present you all this stuff. And after some time, you gained’t attempt to seize any certainly one of them.

With the primary three foundations—of physique, of vedana, and of the thoughts—there’s no language of intervention. You’re courageously requested to observe this stuff come up and move. So, all of us may need a totally different physique, however what’s it to know a physique with out our preferences? To take this physique with its heartbeat, respiratory, sweating, aches and pains and acknowledge, “I’m not going to intervene, I’m simply going to take each expression of this physique as a knowledge level of what it means to have a physique.”

This is the language of the Third Foundation: when a practitioner understands the thoughts with greed as a thoughts with greed; and when a practitioner understands a thoughts with out greed as a thoughts with out greed. That is how we follow mindfulness.

How lots of you might be in murderous rage proper now? Okay, a number of of you might be, however you’re not courageous sufficient to boost your hand. But hopefully you’re not. But what number of of you might be understanding that you simply’re not in murderous rage proper now? Now that we requested that query, the arms go up, however you weren’t having fun with the truth that you’re not in murderous rage proper now. You’re taking the state that you simply’re in, and also you’re in it. But in that manner, the state is defining you unconsciously.

Fear is without doubt one of the frequent locations I’m going. So, once I do, I’m going to breathe out and in, be in my physique, and get to know concern from inside concern. It’s very laborious to do. But what would it not be wish to stroll in and see a concern wave come up, dance round, then dissipate because it completely should, as a result of it’s only a passing wave. Pink Floyd says, “Just a passing wave, certainly one of my dangerous days.” You’re simply in it, and it’s arising and passing. And when it passes, you may say, “Okay, that was impermanent.” This is a thoughts that now understands concern slightly higher. Also, concern is impermanent—it’s solely a visitation of a sure emotional sample. Understanding this, I don’t should concern it as a lot, which bolsters me the following time it comes.

We get to know a thoughts with greed, and a thoughts with out greed. We all desire a thoughts with out greed. But that desire will actually block your potential to welcome mindfulness right into a thoughts with greed, since you’ll judge it. “Let me go in and prune this, discuss myself out of it, let it go.” There is room for that. And that’s the language within the Fourth Foundation: now that I do know greed slightly higher, I’m going to properly intervene upon it as a struggling state.

I used to be on retreat right here as soon as on a heat June day, and we had been doing lovingkindness follow and I used to be making an attempt to ask my thoughts to be extra loving. The home windows had been open, and I heard the bell on a canine collar outdoors the window. I used to be in an averse temper, and I believed, “Why is there a canine right here? Now I’ve to endure this canine bell! Who places a bell on a canine?”

Then I had this little periscope go up and I believed, “You often don’t hate canine. And you’re actually hating on this canine.” It appeared like readability: “There should be a rule, we have to discuss to the neighbors about managing their canine.” And then a lightbulb went off for me: “That’s slightly excessive. I’m in an averse thoughts.”

It seems like readability, however the whole lot has a razor’s edge. It’s unkind and it’s detrimental. And I believed, “Wow, I’m in it. And I’ve no consciousness that I’m in it.” So, it propagates.

I start to discover the averse thoughts and it feels prefer it’s gaining energy and perception. This is my household factor: the place essentially the most cynical particular person is often the rightest particular person as a result of they will stand the laborious reality. It made me discover this and suppose: “Is that what reality is? Being essentially the most cynical?”

How many occasions have I been in an averse thoughts, and thought it was correct, and subsequently, I propagated it, and began accumulating detailed catalogs of the whole lot that was improper? And then I find yourself in the identical tower of righteousness and cynicism. Wherever I’m going, I construct that tower. And I’m making an attempt to get out of it. I’m making an attempt to do lovingkindness. And that was lovely—to attempt to enter lovingkindness—however it was extra highly effective to get inside my very own averse thoughts and begin noticing: how does an averse thoughts work?

My thoughts is commonly with out aversion and I don’t test it out. The good factor about trying out the thoughts with out aversion is that it provides you distinction. Let me simply watch this and never at all times right it. Take that second to grasp it is a thoughts not struggling. It’s simply me respiratory. That’s one thing to be aware of.

The struggling gained’t come as a result of you could have a physique. The physique feels unpleasantness, however the physique doesn’t actually endure. And vedana comes and goes, as is pure, however the thoughts can endure. So then mindfulness of the thoughts will get inquisitive about experiences which are struggling. You’ll discover that it’s laborious to get mindfulness inside a struggling thoughts. Because there’s hindrances there and the thoughts doesn’t need to be there when it’s struggling—it’s busy blaming one thing else. So you must work in opposition to a few of the unconscious forces, to breathe your manner into your personal ailing will. And then breathe your manner in and construct religion. I can have this expertise and it doesn’t outline me, it gained’t develop into everlasting, and I can study from it.

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