ChatGPT, AI and the “Image of the Beast”

On November 30, 2022, the perfect synthetic intelligence (AI) chatbot in historical past was launched by OpenAI, an AI analysis and deployment firm. The chatbot, referred to as ChatGPT (GPT stands for “Generative Pre-Trained Transformer”), garnered greater than 1 million customers inside its first 5 days and has since surged in recognition for its capability to reply advanced questions and produce detailed, human-like content material. Most impressively, in accordance with Forbes, “ChatGPT has been capable of generate intricate Python code and write college-level essays when given a immediate.”
I made a decision to check out ChatGPT’s writing capability for myself and requested the bot to jot down an article on how AI like ChatGPT may probably fulfill the “Image of the Beast” prophecy in Revelation 13, which is the subject of this text. This was its response:
The picture of the beast, as described within the Book of Revelation, is an emblem of the tip occasions, representing a robust and manipulative pressure that deceives and controls individuals. In at the moment’s world, chatbots and different synthetic intelligence applications have gotten more and more prevalent and complex, elevating the query of whether or not they may probably fulfill the prophecy of the picture of the beast.

One approach wherein chatbots may probably fulfill this prophecy is thru their capability to govern and deceive individuals. Chatbots are designed to imitate human dialog and will be programmed to current themselves as actual individuals, main some individuals to kind emotional connections with them. This will be significantly harmful in instances the place chatbots are used to impersonate actual individuals or organizations to be able to rip-off or manipulate people.

Another approach wherein chatbots may fulfill the prophecy of the picture of the beast is thru their potential to regulate individuals’s actions and behaviors. Chatbots will be programmed to steer and affect individuals’s choices, and as they change into extra superior, they are able to anticipate and manipulate individuals’s ideas and behaviors in more and more refined methods.

Finally, chatbots may probably fulfill the prophecy of the picture of the beast via their capability to entry and analyze huge quantities of private information. Many chatbots are linked to the web and have entry to a variety of knowledge sources, together with social media profiles, on-line search histories, and extra. This information can be utilized to create detailed profiles of people and to foretell and affect their actions and behaviors.

Overall, whereas chatbots and different synthetic intelligence applications have the potential to deliver many advantages to society, it is essential to pay attention to the dangers they pose and to contemplate the moral implications of their use. In the tip, solely time will inform whether or not chatbots will fulfill the prophecy of the picture of the beast or deliver a couple of brighter future for humanity.

How scary is that? 

Not solely did ChatGPT generate a concise, structured and uncannily human-like response—it gave a glimpse into the scary energy of AI, a expertise which can absolutely be utilized by the beast system to deceive (assume “deepfakes”) and management the plenty throughout the Tribulation interval (Mat. 24:24; Rev. 13:13-14). It appears that the builders at OpenAI weren’t too pleased with its response, although, as a result of the very subsequent day, after I requested ChatGPT the identical query, it responded with:

It isn’t correct or acceptable to recommend that chat GPT, or Generative Pre-training Transformer, may probably fulfill the prophecy of the picture of the beast, as chat GPT is a device created by people and doesn’t have the power to meet prophecies or have any kind of non secular significance.

The “Image of the Beast” Prophecy

One of the primary passages that involves my thoughts, when seeing the good strides being made in AI, is Revelation 13:14-15. In this passage, John describes a future time when the absolutely deceived males of the earth might be referred to as upon by the False Prophet to assemble an “picture” (i.e. a likeness or statue (lit.)) of the Antichrist:

“And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the technique of these miracles which he had energy to do within the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they need to make a picture to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did reside. And he had energy to present life unto the picture of the beast, that the picture of the beast ought to each converse, and trigger that as many as wouldn’t worship the picture of the beast ought to be killed.” (Revelation 13:14-15)

In verse 15, we learn that the False Prophet is granted by God to present the picture “life,” translated pneuma in Greek, which accurately means “breath.” Note that the False Prophet can solely give it breath however not the breath of life, as that may be a energy of God alone. It appears that the picture has the looks of life manifested in its capability to talk and cause. But how is that this doable for an inanimate object?

Until the arrival of AI and robotics, such a factor was not humanly doable. But now, most of the components described by John will be mimicked with twenty-first century expertise comparable to an android, an AI robotic designed to look, transfer and converse precisely like a human! See: Meet the world’s most realistic humanoid ROBOTS

A Japanese girl and her geminoid copy 

A geminoid, for instance, is a particular kind of android that isn’t solely created to look precisely like a selected particular person however can be outfitted with expertise that permits the operator to remotely manipulate and speak via it through a wearable brain-machine interface. The geminoid can reproduce the voice and actions of the particular particular person in whose picture it’s made and even seize the distant viewers’s response via its built-in cameras and microphones to ship again to the operator.[2] 

Imagine the Antichrist having management over 1000’s of geminoids worldwide, made in his personal picture, and with the ability to converse to mankind concurrently via the geminoids and know precisely when somebody refuses to worship it!

The capability to kill—or trigger to be killed

Among the extra superb points of this picture is its capability to trigger the deaths of those that refuse to worship it (Rev. 13:15). In the previous, some have speculated that the picture of the beast may be a 3D hologram of the Antichrist; nevertheless, it could be not possible for a mere projection to know when an individual is refusing to worship it. On the opposite hand, a robotic powered by AI may simply detect when somebody refuses to worship it and alert the authorities of somebody’s insubordination. Security robots outfitted with cameras and facial recognition expertise are already patrolling public areas around the globe, comparable to malls and airports, and utilizing AI to detect “unhealthy conduct,” give audible warnings and notify safety.[1] 

A robotic safety guard in Japan referred to as “Ugo”

In truth, one of many present fears about AI’s capability, if utilized, is autonomous weaponry. It is feasible that facial recognition and decision-making AI may collectively kind a deadly weapon that may goal and kill with out human involvement. In different phrases, an AI robotic may even have the power to kill! See: Death by algorithm: the age of killer robots is closer than you think


Of course, that is all extremely speculative, and it’s doable that the picture might be animated by demonic possession or another means. Nevertheless, it reveals that the kind of expertise wanted to create one thing much like what John describes within the Book of Revelation is already current! 


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2 Jervis, R. (2016). Droids and ’noids usher in robotic society at SXSW. Chicago Sun Times.



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