Chastity & Charity: The Shield & Sword of Manhood

There is a scene close to the center of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring wherein Frodo Baggins volunteers to hold the final and strongest ring to Mt. Doom in an effort to destroy it. Because he doesn’t know how, and since he’s small of stature, he admits that he would require assist. The strongest second in that scene is when Aragorn says to Frodo, “If, by my life or by my loss of life, I can defend you, I’ll. You have my sword.” Really what Aragorn means is that he gives all of himself and his ability in service of the mission.

In our world at present, there’s a battle for fact, goodness, and wonder. The enemy seeks to deprive people of entry to any of those by twisting their understanding of the transcendental realities. God, in His infinite knowledge and love, needs and desires males who’re keen to struggle for fact, goodness, and wonder; who’re in a position to defend and supply for others; who’re keen to steer and construct up others, even amid troublesome circumstances. He doesn’t have a need or use for individuals who use and abuse others; those that assume solely of themselves and tear down others. God needs warriors, not weasels!

Many males in our world at present have a false understanding of masculinity, manhood. I do know as a result of I spent massive parts of my life working by such false conceptions, which precipitated loads of emotional and non secular harm and baggage. It took me a very long time to study that manhood will not be about recognition, athletic prowess, or cash. Neither is masculinity about making oneself really feel greater by placing down others. Rather, manhood is about kneeling down in service and serving to others attain their fullest potential. Real masculinity is about changing into smaller so one other particular person can develop into greater.

Chastity and charity are two of the first virtues that support members of the male species in changing into actual males. These two allow a person to own himself after which to present himself away for the great of one other. Self-possession (chastity) should precede self-gift (charity). The latter is not going to be potential or efficient with out the previous. Men should have management of themselves and their schools in an effort to give them away for the better glory!

Think again to my instance of the Lord of the Rings. In order for Aragorn to supply his sword successfully, he should know learn how to wield it to struggle off enemies. A swordsman who retains his weapon within the scabbard or doesn’t know the abilities of sword combating can be ineffective in opposition to an enemy. Further, Aragorn used a protect all through the journey to defend himself. This is how the virtues of chastity and charity support males.

Chastity “lets us love with an upright and undivided coronary heart,” says the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraph 2520). A person will not be a person of integrity if his coronary heart will not be upright, or whether it is divided. A person doesn’t absolutely possess himself if he seeks lowly issues like worldly pleasure, energy, and cash. A person’s coronary heart is split if he seeks this stuff earlier than he seeks God’s will.

The advantage of charity flows simply from chastity. When a person’s coronary heart is upright and undivided, he can start to like as God intends like to be. God intends like to be 4 issues: free, trustworthy, whole, fruitful. True love requires all of those traits. An act that doesn’t carry these 4 qualities will not be actual charity.

A person can’t love anybody (his buddies, co-workers, and particularly his partner) if his coronary heart is split. A divided coronary heart will trigger him to withhold his presents (his physique, his thoughts, his assets) from those that want him. He begins to give attention to himself, and he simply turns into enslaved to his bodily and emotional passions. His actions of giving develop into conditional, not free; momentary, not trustworthy; partial, not whole; and sterile, not fruitful.

Men have to be remodeled into chaste and charitable warriors. Women want males to be holy warriors to guard their magnificence and dignity. Families want males (husbands, fathers, brothers) to be holy warriors in order that households can flourish and produce good non secular fruit. The Church wants males (priest and lay males) to be holy warriors in order that she may be efficient in her mission in the course of the subsequent era. The world wants males to be holy warriors to counter-balance the detrimental results of pleasure, greed, and lust that we see throughout us. We should reply this clarion name and be remodeled into actual males!

In order to be remodeled in that means, males should kneel down. First we should kneel down earlier than Christ within the Eucharist, and we should inform him, “If by my life or by my loss of life, I can serve you, you will have my physique, thoughts, spirit, assets…the whole lot.” Then, we should kneel down earlier than others, starting with our households and spreading outward to all ranges of society. We should inform them, in the identical means that we inform Christ, “I supply the whole lot to you, if I can serve you.”

That would be the solely means that males can fulfill St. Paul’s command to like “as Christ cherished the Church” (Ephesians 5:25). Men should die to themselves and give attention to serving others in order that the Church is perhaps present in all “splendor, with out spot or wiring or any such factor, that she is perhaps holy and with out blemish” (Ephesians 5:27) when Christ returns.

It is as much as us, gents. And, alongside the way in which we want the intercession of the right girl, Our Blessed Mother, that we would reply to the decision.  Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary…



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