CERN and Bible Prophecy

Jesus mentioned the final days main as much as His return can be “as the times of Noah” (Matthew 24:37). Back within the days of Noah, an try to open a door into the non secular realm was made with the tower of Babel (Genesis 11). Today, CERN is one other try at doing the identical factor…

CERN headquarters in Switzerland

What is CERN?

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and so they function the most important particle physics laboratory on the planet, the place the famend Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resides. The Hadron Collider (additionally known as CERN) is the world’s largest and strongest particle accelerator and the most important machine man has ever made; it’s a whopping seventeen miles lengthy and buried 574 toes beneath the earth’s floor. Many eminent physicists imagine it has the potential to destroy not simply the world, however the universe itself.Without going into the main points or a technical definition, the LHC was designed to smash sub-atomic particles collectively at or near the pace of sunshine so as to break them aside and discover the unique particle that ignited or began the universe a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the so-called “God Particle”. But what precisely are the scientists at CERN hoping to perform by this?

Most of the articles in regards to the LHC within the mainstream media talk about mundane scientific analysis objectives that don’t actually appear to justify the entire time, effort, cash and, to not point out, danger of hazard which are being expended. I imply, why fork out billions of {dollars} on a harmful experiment that has but to make any helpful discoveries (even after many years of analysis and experimentation) simply to find how the alleged “Big Bang” occurred?

Well, the reply might lie in the truth that the highest officers at CERN even have one thing else in thoughts — one thing much more sinister.
What these scientists are actually attempting to perform, I imagine, is to entry an inter-dimensional doorway, and this isn’t simply hinted by their iconography and occult connections (as we will see beneath), however one thing they’ve advised themselves. The very director of CERN, Bertolucci, mentioned that:

“The Large Hadron Collider might open a doorway to a different dimension, and out this door may come one thing, or we’d ship one thing by it”. (source)

As disturbing as this assertion is to us Christians who imagine within the existence of one other non secular dimension, that is apparently nothing new for the scientists at CERN. They imagine within the existence of different parallel and various dimensions (physics dictates that there are at the very least eleven of them), and so they imagine that in recreating the circumstances of the Big Bang scientists can rip open the veil that separates the 2. However, the scientists at CERN appear to have no actual understanding of how totally harmful this could possibly be…

CERN & Revelation 9:1-11

All this speak of opening a doorway into one other dimension the place “one thing” may come out jogs my memory of Revelation 9:1-3, which reads:

To him was given the important thing of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And there got here out of the smoke locusts upon the earth…” (Revelation 9:1-3)

Here, John tells us a couple of time when Satan is given the important thing to the “bottomless pit” to launch a horde of demonic beings resembling locusts upon the world. I’m wondering if this Biblical occasion is related with the experiments happening at CERN?

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that the phrase “bottomless pit” translated abussos in Greek, actually means the SHAFT OF THE ABYSS (so it is not only a pit, however quite a tunnel—the tunnel to the abyss). The concept of a tunnel (wormhole) main to a different dimension, or a black hole, could be very a lot on the coronary heart of CERN! And guess what time period scientists usually use to explain a black gap? “bottomless pit”.Of additional curiosity is the truth that the city the place CERN is situated was known as “Appolliacum” in Roman occasions, the place a temple existed in honor of Apollyon the destroyer (Apollo), and the Romans believed that it was a gateway to the underworld (notice that the bottomless pit is related to the underworld). Compare this to Revelation 9:11, which states: 

“And they’d a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose identify within the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, however within the Greek tongue hath his identify Apollyon.” (Revelation 9:11)

We are informed that Apollyon is the angel of the bottomless pit, and the king of the demonic “locusts” that had been unleashed! Is it a coincidence that CERN is constructed in town devoted to Apollyon?

Is it additionally a coincidence {that a} statue of the Hindu god Lord Shiva, the “god of Destruction” or known as “The Destroyer” is prominently displayed outdoors of the LHC? The identify of the angel, “Apollyon”, in Greek means “Destruction”! By the best way, what has this acquired to do with science?

Statue of the Indian goddess Shiva situated at CERN headquarters

On high of all that, CERN is brief for the horned God Cernunnos—the god of the underworldJust one other coincidence? Is it additionally a coincidence that CERN has to go deep underground to do their “god” harnessing experiments?

I do not know, however all this is able to clarify why they’ve chosen to construct their “science undertaking” underground, and on a website straddling two nations (France & Switzerland), which is not sensible in any respect; or why they’ve chosen an acronym that does not appear to suit what it stands for…

CERN’s Occult and Satanic Symbolism

As if it wasn’t already apparent sufficient regarding their intentions, take into account the next: 

1. The CERN brand is 3 intertwined 6’s (as in 666). There is not any logical purpose for this 666 sample because the CERN services tunnels aren’t organized like this.

2. CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web (WWW). Interestingly, the Hebrew equal of our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw”, which has the numerical worth of 6. So the English “www” transliterated into Hebrew is “vav vav vav” or 666.

3. On March 14th, 2015, CERN launched an odd occultic preview video titled “SYMMETRY”. The video (or trailer) was filmed inside CERN and seems to include at the very least some occult parts, which don’t have anything to do with the video’s theme of discovering the smallest particle. It has strategies of rebirth, falling into an abyss and even one other aircraft of existence or time journey, and a dance devoted to destruction earlier than the resurgence. This bizarre, occult dance is extraordinarily important in gentle of the truth that the massive statue of Shiva sitting outdoors the CERN advanced is seen performing this dance. You can view the video proper beneath.

SYMMETRY – CERN dance-opera film (official trailer)

full film + documentary: original trailer: blog: http://www.symmetrymovie.comfollow on FB: http…

4. On June 1st, 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland (the world’s largest railway tunnel) marked its grand opening with an especially weird, deeply occultic, satanic ceremony. Of significance is the truth that it occurred close to CERN (additionally situated over the realm claimed to be the doorway to the underworld) and pictures that had been projected on a large video display throughout the ceremony recommend a connection to CERN (e.g. the multi-armed Shiva doing the cosmic dance and the Atlas developing out of CERN). 

The Gotthard ceremony featured a “goat-man” resembling Baphomet that dies, is resurrected, is worshipped and is topped as “the king of the world”. Baphomet has turn out to be one of many key symbols used to signify Satan within the occult neighborhood in current many years. Other blatant occult references within the ceremony included the Eye of Providence, prophecy, Lucifer, fallen angels and plenty of extra. You can view video footage of the total ceremony proper beneath.

Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual

This is the complete NWO, satanic tunnel opening ceremony at the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. The ceremony took place in two parts. There is a short clip …

5. On August eleventh, 2016, a really unusual leaked video surfaced of a satanic ritual human sacrifice happening on the grounds of CERN in entrance of the Shiva statue. The video reveals a number of people (unnamed scientists at CERN) in black cloaks gathering in entrance of the Shiva statue, in what seems to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony, on the finish of which a lady is stabbed. Whatever the intentions behind this ritual, the top outcome is identical: It is but one other unusual, ritualistic occasion related to CERN. You can view the leaked video footage of the mock sacrifice proper beneath. [NB: Video contains strong language]

The CERN Human Sacrifice Video

On August 10, 2016, a Facebook user named “معجزة فلكية كونيه”(translates as “Miracle astronomical Kone”) posted a video that showed what appeared to be a hu…

6. On June twenty fourth, 2016, photos of some extraordinarily weird “portal-shaped cloud formations” had been taken within the space simply above the Large Hadron Collider at CERN — the identical day CERN scientists started a brand new Awake experiment to vary the best way it smashes particles collectively. Could it’s doable that there was some kind of a connection between this new “Awake” experiment” and these unusual cloud formations? And exactly what do the researchers hope to “awaken” anyway?

“Portal-Like Clouds” over CERN

ATLAS (8 Spokes of Witchcraft)

7. Take a have a look at the image of the CERN machine on the appropriate, and you will note 8 spokes/tubes popping out of the middle — that is evil (see: Wheel of Dharma). Interestingly, CERN refers to its 8-spoked wheel as “ATLAS” and, within the video-series ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky#13’, David Talbott factors out that the Cosmic Mountain related to the tower of Babel was represented by Atlas! In Greek mythology, Atlas bared the burden of the heavens on his shoulders.

ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus) can be the identify of an experiment at CERN, which brings me to my subsequent level…

8. The acronyms CERN has used to title lots of their experiments are all demonic. These acronyms embody: SATAN (Solar Axion Telescopic ANtenna), DELPHI (DEtector with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Identification), which was a sanctuary of Apollo; HADES (High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer), which is the identify of each the underworld and the god of the underworld; and ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment), which is one other identify for LUCIFER. You can confirm these and additional examples on their very own web site here

Sanskrit writing inside CERN

The listing goes on. Unfortunately, time precludes me from exhausting the numerous different issues revealing CERN’s true intentions, equivalent to unusual objects showing within the machine throughout exams, Sanskrit writing (which is the language of historical gods) on panels inside CERN, and earthquakes coinciding with LHC exercise and so on.


All of the coincidences, symbols, and sample of occult rituals suggests it’s certainly a portal to the demonic realm. It begs the query, might it’s doable that these scientists inadvertently find yourself opening a portal or a door to not one other dimension, however into the non secular realm, even perhaps to the bottomless pit itself?

Concerning the success of Revelation 9, we should take into account that an angel is given the important thing to the bottomless pit and it is the angel who opens it (Revelation 9:1); something past that’s pure hypothesis. However, given the occult and satanic symbolism surrounding this “scientific” facility and its bizarre obsession with Apollo/Apollyon, it will be smart to think about the chance.

Nevertheless, it seems that what occurred way back in Genesis 11 could also be occurring once more. Consider these parallels between CERN, and the folks of Babel:

  • The folks of Babel needed to assemble a tower that may attain into the heavens, and it was believed that Babylon was an space the place a portal of some kind was situated (Genesis 11:4). CERN is trying to achieve into the heavens with the LHC, and it is believed that Saint-Genus-Poilly (CERN’s city) was an space the place a portal to the underworld was situated.
  • The folks of Babel spoke the identical language and had been united in what they needed to perform (Genesis 11:6). CERN created the World Wide Web, uniting folks below one language once more, and the CERN undertaking is a united effort by 22 member states.  
  • The folks of Babel made the tallest constructing ever made (Genesis 11:4). CERN made the most important machine ever made.

I believe it is protected to say that historical past has repeated itself, and since Jesus mentioned He would return at a time when this is able to occur, changing into once more “as within the days of Noah”, we see one more signal that He’s coming quickly! As for the scientists at CERN, they’d higher watch out what they ask for as a result of this time God will do greater than combine up languages (Genesis 11:9; cf. Revelation 11:7).



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