Behind the Sangfroid Silence of the Cursed Frogs – Tina Sequeira

As a lot as I hate fairy tales and gag at their sickeningly candy fortunately ever after endings, I dare to hope for a greater world. 

Where the silent frogs can be free to croak as loud as their hearts’ want— 

Where the cursed frogs wouldn’t must reside within the bone-chilling worry of grating the listeners’ senses— 

And the place they don’t carry out as an involuntary joker in a debauched world. 

An unspeakable conspiracy pits the world towards frogs with an unsightly, choked voice. So ugly that it casts a frosty spell and hardens the hearts of individuals. Left with little selection however to burn the voices of the nasty, cursed frogs with matches of pealing laughter, stripping mockery, feigned apologies, and condescending tributes. 

They roll the pink carpet out in honor and set the stage for these with a golden voice. All this whereas they pressure the cursed frogs to retreat into seen invisible existence. 

How does it really feel to be a cursed frog with an unsightly voice? 

Ask me. 

I got here out of my mom’s womb with two dangling swords. One on my tongue. One on my chest. I used to be born with stutter and bronchial asthma. 

As a toddler, I went up on the rostrum, spoke in entrance of tons of of scholars within the college meeting, and received the elocution competitions. But I bought tongue-tied off the stage with out the rehearsed speeches. I harbored the worry of being ridiculed if I spoke spontaneously. I feared rejection for being me. And so, I wore the cloak of silence as my armor. 

Primary School Assembly
Investiture Ceremony because the Class Leader
Usually received the literary & cultural competitions for English Elocution & Essay Writing and Dramatics
High School Investiture Ceremony – IX Grade Red House Leader for my part

Despite my nil social expertise, my classmates would commonly vote for me as their class chief. Since I carried out properly on each the educational and extra-curricular entrance, I grew to become one of many college captains with the unanimous votes by the scholars, academics, and discretion of the varsity principal. Maybe my silence labored in my favor. I wasn’t positive. But now, I carried three swords. I suffered from Imposter’s Syndrome as properly.

Served because the Indira Gandhi or Red House School Captain. Was thrilled to characterize and lead my favorite politician’s home.
We received the second place on the finish of the 12 months. Receiving the trophy for Indira Gandhi House from Sr. Julie Fernandes, our Principal, together with Simran Kaur, the Vice-Captain.
Passing on the flag and duty to my successor.
Bidding farewell. We sang “So long farewell” from the film, “The Sound of Music” upon my suggestion. We sang, danced, and had enjoyable all alongside. The icing on the cake was being awarded because the “Best All-rounder” of Class X that day.

All appeared properly till I stepped into school to pursue science, a self-discipline that I had little interest in. I needed to pursue journalism or English literature. But like most middle-class Indians, my dad and mom reasoned that these weren’t high-paying jobs, and I ought to stick with the traditional decisions of a physician or an engineer. I selected the previous choice. It was a perplexing part, and for the primary time, I detested studying. The guilt of not cracking into the extremely aggressive MBBS entrance exams and appeasing my dad and mom manifested into despair and, in my speech, with an exacerbated stutter. 

It took me years to heal and really feel good. I went as much as individuals alone, launched myself, and made new buddies. A luxurious that I’d denied myself in my rising years owing to my stuttering situation. I’ve at all times cherished individuals, and this newfound confidence and pleasure of constructing small discuss and graduating to extra significant relationships gave me the impetus to really feel much less like an imposter. 

However, the shortage of alternatives for studying out loud, as within the classroom, and collaborating in competitions threw me out of substances the place public talking was involved. Those had been uncommon events, however the imply jokes and scornful glares had been sufficient to hang-out and provides me nightmares for lengthy. 

But it’s not the mockery of the speech dysfunction that sends shivers down my backbone as a lot because the myths that encompass individuals who stutter. We understand individuals with flawless speech as extra clever, assured, and profitable. We label those that stutter as unintelligent, unconfident, unsuccessful, untrustworthy liars, and incapable individuals. These flawed perceptions all boil down to at least one factor alone – 

A mere stutter in speech. Much like a scar on the pores and skin. 

Those with scars have make-up to the rescue. But stutterers reside in an unnatural state of depressing, shamed silence. Little surprise that other than a couple of throughout the household and celebrities who got here out with their stammering situation, I’d encountered nobody else with it. 

An educated older grownup attributed my stuttering to dangerous karma. This flawed mindset justifies the insensitivity, bullying, and rejection that stutterers endure as a result of someway they deserve it. Telling you’re cursed lifts all the blame from society and rests it totally upon your head. 

Throw in bronchial asthma, one other hereditary situation, and it’s a wild curler coaster journey in my darkish interior cores. Unlike stuttering, bronchial asthma is an invisible incapacity that performs havoc in our every day lives. We asthmatics nonetheless face quite a lot of stigma and stereotypes akin to ‘weak,’ ‘lazy,’ and ‘nerdy’ in our society.

I look completely fantastic to the world, which can not perceive why it’s onerous to take a couple of steps, climb stairs, lie down in mattress, or carry fundamental duties. 

Sometimes it’s a mountain of an effort to breathe and get a single phrase out throughout my bronchial asthma assaults which flares up throughout each seasonal change.

Asthma has a number of different unwanted effects which manifest later in maturity, together with power neck and shoulder ache and eczema, each of which I undergo from other than being an asthmatic with chest ache.

Hosting for a corporation occasion.
Moderating a session with the senior management

But it’s the darkest days that strengthen my resolve to come back out of hiding and take heart stage. Even in these quiet moments of resignation, with heat fats tears rolling down my cheeks, Hope kissed me on the lips and embraced me in her ample bosom. 

“I’m glad you’ve made a start somewhere.” 

“I was raw at first, too. Practice, and you will get there like me.” 

“Wow, I am so impressed by your courage today.” 

These had been some feedback that I’d obtained once I’d put apart my fears and disabilities to host an occasion after a really very long time. When I narrated the incident to my husband, he stated that stuttering is part of me, and it’s not one thing I must be ashamed of or cover from public view. 

It’s why I dare to dream of a greater world. It won’t be a clean, straight highway to the sunshine. And it’s going to take time for the world to just accept our glitched voices because the norm. 

I’m not apologetic however grateful for my disabilities as a result of it has made me — empathetic, resilient, and human. 

To all my fellow ugly cursed frogs, we croak, and let’s preserve croaking until the Sun goes down! 

(Author’s Note: I share my lived experiences of being an asthmatic with a stammering incapacity and the way misrepresented our situations are within the mainstream world. People with a stutter face undue mockery and rejection. Stuttering has nothing to do with cognitive talents, anxiousness points, or nervous disposition. Asthma is an invisible situation that performs havoc in our every day life, and we nonetheless face quite a lot of stigma and stereotypes akin to ‘weak,’ ‘lazy,’ and ‘nerdy’ in our society.)


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