Attack on Titan Finale End Credits Scenes Explained: What’s Next for Paradis?

Attack on Titan Finale End Credits Scenes Explained: What’s Next for Paradis?

After years of being deceived, exploited, and weaponized, Eren decides to steer a military of Titans to exterminate humanity as any semblance of the heroic younger warrior he as soon as was dissipates from the extended trauma. Eren and his Titans launch a cataclysmic occasion generally known as the Rumbling, an extinction-level incident that’s solely stopped when Eren’s lifelong greatest good friend Mikasa Ackerman personally beheads Eren. With Eren dead, the Rumbling stops, the Titans completely revert to their human types, and humanity is saved as peace is lastly restored.

What Do the End Credits Reveal About Mikasa?

Even after every thing Eren brought about, together with a near-apocalypse that may’ve value her her life, Mikasa continues to see Eren as her greatest good friend lengthy after she killed him. After burying Eren’s head beneath a tree the place he rested after they had been kids, Mikasa visits this quiet grave for the remainder of her life. As the top credit progress, Mikasa regularly grows older and passes away, presumably from pure causes, together with her personal grave seen as the top credit sequence continues.

Over the years, Mikasa is accompanied by an unnamed man in her common visits to Eren’s grave. It is rarely specified if this man is a partner or another person near Mikasa, however it does recommend she finds life outdoors of Eren’s legacy over time. Given this dedication to visiting Eren, it’s clear that Mikasa all the time felt near him after dying, with their deep friendship enduring armageddon itself.

What Happens After Mikasa’s Death?

After Mikasa dies, the Eldian metropolis of Paradis develops round Eren’s grave, seemingly ignoring the historic determine laid to relaxation beneath the tree. It is unclear how a lot time passes since Mikasa dies, however the buildings across the tree develop taller and tackle a futuristic aesthetic. All of this development rapidly turns into moot, as a brand new warfare apparently breaks out and Paradis is bombed into complete rubble.

As extra time passes, the ruins of Paradis are regularly overgrown with crops, with the fallen civilization reclaimed by the forces of nature. In this verdant wasteland, a boy and his canine are seen exploring the ruins of Paradis the place they discover the tree on prime of Eren’s long-forgotten grave. The tree itself sports activities a gap at its base and resembles the tree that served as the unique supply for the Titans’ powers, with the boy and his canine investigating what’s inside.

What Happens to Paradis and the World at Large?

Before the top credit sequence, Attack on Titan finishes on a extra hopeful observe, with peace lastly achieved and the surviving characters celebrated for saving humanity from complete annihilation. The finish credit give this conclusion a darkish and bittersweet coda, not solely is Mikasa haunted by the lack of Eren for the remainder of her life to a sure diploma, however humanity can’t appear to withstand its extra violent impulses. The destruction of Paradis presents warfare as one thing of an inevitability, leveled extra definitively and with extra superior weaponry than the Titans or Scout Regiment ever unleashed.



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