Ask a Nerd: Nasa’s Solar Probe and Surya

Ask a Nerd: Nasa’s Solar Probe and Surya
By Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies   |  Apr 29, 2022

Q: Having seen that the photo voltaic probe has reached the solar, how does this examine with the Vedic view of Surya and the solar being the chariot of the solar god? Is it the case that as human beings we’re perceiving solely
 on a sure platform of actuality?

A: That appears like an affordable manner to answer the scenario. It additionally holds effectively with scientific views: human beings have a really restricted notion of the bodily cosmos as per normal modes of notion. Of course, scientific instrumentation arguably extends upon these limitations, however how far they prolong – who can say?

Meanwhile, Gaudiya Vaishnavas respect that materials vitality is infinitely complicated, for all sensible functions. After all, if the religious realm is taken into account limitless and the fabric realm is taken into account 1 / 4 of the religious area – effectively then, that’s limitless within the sense that 25% of infinity can be limitless. Having mentioned that, Sukadeva Goswami clearly states that nobody is aware of the total complexity of Krishna’s materials vitality even when granted a lifetime so long as that as Lord Brahma (311 quadrillion years), who is taken into account the chief engineer of the universe (on Krishna’s behalf). Krishna’s energies
are ever-expanding.

So little doubt, these scientific devices are perceiving one thing, and that one thing might supply quite a few sensible
functions. But how a lot of that one thing represents the totality of all potential “somethings” – who can say? Even from a scientific perspective, the “one thing” scientists might really feel comfy figuring out within the current will seemingly grow to be dwarfed by the “one thing” scientists will really feel comfy figuring out sooner or later, assuming scientific information continues to progress. In that gentle, right now’s one thing is a nominal one thing in comparison with future scientific somethings, so if seen in that gentle, there may be not a lot to be pleased with when contemplating “one thing” within the current tense. So whereas helpful information could be culled from a present-day photo voltaic probe, how rather more there may be to be recognized is anybody’s finest guess.

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