Are Any MCU Gods Safe from Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder?


The Asgardians have been arguably the primary deities to be launched to audiences within the MCU, debuting in Thor. Despite the suggestion that they’re merely beings from one other realm, those that hail from Asgard aren’t humble sufficient to draw back from the time period “god”. Humanity has worshipped them as Norse legends, with every determine signifying a special side of their world. A god of thunder, a trickster, and the All-Father are only a few examples of historic myths making their approach into Marvel continuity. 

Marvel has taken some artistic license with regards to the representation of these Asgardians. Although acquainted fables are intertwined with their very own storytelling, the comics and certainly the massive display screen have common Thor into extra of a superhero than a god. They’ve even added a spread of authentic characters just like the Warriors Three, to assist spherical out their iteration of Asgard. Regardless, they’re basically immortal, genuinely highly effective, worshipped by quite a few species, and carry a protecting function over the Nine Realms. Midgard may now play host to New Asgard, however its individuals are nonetheless as godly as they as soon as have been. 


The Olympians are but to make their spectacular, if not barely tacky, debut within the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder will mark the introduction of those Greek legends, a pantheon that’s additionally prolonged to historic Roman civilization as nicely. Zeus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, Hecate, Hades… the checklist simply goes on. All of those deities have performed some significant or minor role in the comics, and are prone to be added to the MCU roster. 

Mount Olympus is their conventional house they usually could nicely have an identical therapy to the Asgardians, getting introduced initially as an alien species. Ancient delusion paints the Olympians as removed from excellent, with their petty squabbles and excessive egos generally affecting Earth for the worst. But their spectacular presents and standing throughout human historical past are sufficient to grant them god standing. Their look within the trailer for the upcoming Thor movie does counsel that almost all of them will meet a grizzly destiny by the hands of Gorr the God Butcher

For these questioning, Hercules, or Heracles within the Greek kind, might need begun life as a demi-god, however he does ascend to turn into the god of heroes; a job that the MCU may current to proceed the warrior’s adventures. 

The Ennead in Moon Knight

The Ennead

Moon Knight has added one more pantheon to the MCU, loosely referred to as the Ennead. In actuality, they’re the gods of historic Egypt, common from animal-based imagery and tasked with overseeing the event of human civilization. There are far fewer Egyptian deities than Asgardians or Olympians, however their energy and standing on-screen are maybe far larger. They are introduced as gods within the truest kind, with Khonshu, Taweret, and Ammit changing into the standouts of the group. 



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