Años Viejos: Torching the Previous Yr to Toast the New One

“The idea that of años viejos comes from Eu affect,” Professor Gonzales stated, including that in contrast to Eu cultures, which revel in time with a starting and an finish, Andean cultures conceive of time as “steady.”

However rituals to expel epidemics or illnesses are prehistoric and Indigenous, Professor Gonzales stated.

María Belén Calvache, a expert in politics and traditions in Ecuador, stated in an interview that “there are ancient information in Ecuador that display that Indigenous populations, particularly the folks from Otavalo, would burn a doll symbolizing a feudal chief all over the birthday party of the solstice in December, March and June.”

She added, “They have been burned as a logo of regeneration.”

The primary años viejos as we all know them nowadays have been burned alongside the Andean sierra in primary Ecuadorean towns like Quito and Guayaquil within the nineteenth century, historians defined. The burnings have been the climax of a 10-day Catholic birthday party marking the top of the yr, operating from Dec. 28, the Day of the Innocents, to 3 Kings Day, on Jan. 6.

Throughout the ones days, other people wore mask and costumes at the streets. On Dec. 31, huge rag dolls representing drunken previous males have been carried in the course of the streets by way of masked other people wearing white to constitute their weeping widows, Ms. Calvache defined. For the reason that drunks didn’t depart wills, the widows would roam about inquiring for cash. At nighttime, the rag doll can be burned, “and a funny testomony the place various things are left to the mourners is learn,” Ms. Calvache added. The ones issues have been most often satirical omens or needs for prosperity.

“For a essentially working-class society, end-of-the-year celebrations have been a chance to disregard about sorrows thru events,” stated Alfonso Ortiz Crespo, a historian and architect from Ecuador. “It was once a time to make a laugh of the opposite — now not simplest civil authority, but in addition make a laugh of the neighbor, the buddy and the relative, or the political enemy.”


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