Al-Qasar – Miraj EP Review

Mostly identified in North America for his work with psych-rock outfit Blaak Heat, Thomas Attar Bellier is again with this fully new musical mission and route. Recorded in globetrotter vogue between Los Angeles, Cairo and Paris, Miraj is Al-Qasar’s first ever studio launch, promising to be a definite, rule bending, EP.

Opening this borderline surreal EP is Ahlan Wa Sahlan with its mixture of conventional Middle Eastern devices and storage rock conventions. This combined with the Arabic vocals makes for an actual musical tradition conflict. Bellier’s psych-rock previous is detectable in Dance of Maria, but it surely’s compelled to play a minor function behind the perplexing instrumentals. So far, Al-Qasar has proved that simply because you are able to do one thing, it doesn’t imply it’s best to. 

The single, Gnawi, reveals some rock conventions comparable to elaborate guitar play and a quick tempo, but additionally brings Arab fuzz components in by means of the standard Middle Eastern devices. The resultant sound makes it troublesome to envisage a viable target market for this type of music. Middle Eastern psychedelic pop mixes with storage rock about in addition to oil and water. 

Sometimes polar reverse style splices can work excellently with proof of this coming from The Hu, Bloodywood and Babymetal. However, left-field style combos are extraordinarily hit or miss, with Miraj being a strong miss. 



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