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Eidaa is a nimble and deadly sellsword arriving in Sherwood for the beginning of Season One in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. Her adventure from design to recreation in fact began long ago in 2019 as we started to outline the characters and playstyles we would have liked to enhance in our medieval multiplayer heist recreation. As we started the method of modifying down the categories we completely wanted for release, the ranger, the hunter, the brawler, and the mystic delivered essentially the most numerous gameplay, however the idea that of creating a personality that specialised in protection and house regulate used to be on the most sensible of our listing for when the chance arose. On the time the free imaginative and prescient we had in thoughts used to be for a trapper or engineer elegance, and our stretch function used to be to enhance some roughly swordplay as this felt like a super have compatibility for the sport myth, however used to be one thing we have shyed away from at release in our efforts to provide a much less acquainted illustration of medieval guns.

Learning the Streams

With the sport reside lets take a look at how avid gamers had been the usage of the other categories and higher perceive what used to be lacking. We paid explicit consideration to how groups defended every different whilst winching the treasure, and in addition how they tried to intercept the rival workforce at choke issues resulting in the extraction zone. The explosives thrown by way of John (Brawler) are efficient to regulate a space, however they require exact timing and typically affect a unmarried participant relatively than a gang operating as a pack. To supply extra significant house regulate we explored more than a few boobytraps (mines, caltrops, spike pits), however in the end signposting that taste of entice used to be a large worry. If a danger is hidden, and there is not any gameplay to find and disarm it, then it could really feel unfair while you endure injury as a result of it. This type of mechanic additionally has the prospective to dramatically sluggish the tempo of gameplay, which is one thing we had been wary about for the reason that recreation mechanics throughout the extraction section are balanced in desire of motion and pleasure.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

The Tools is Lava

The answer we settled on for Eidaa’s deployable tools merchandise used to be a tar grenade. Eidaa deploys this the similar method another tools grenade is readied and used, and the visible comments of sparkling lava-like molten liquid is noticeable for each allies and enemies. The world of impact and period is beneficiant sufficient to offer superb house regulate. As with the entire different tools pieces, it may be upgraded with numerous other perks to strengthen its effectiveness.

We additionally made a transformation to the best way Eidaa’s Trait works. The opposite Outlaws have Passive Characteristics (entrance going through assassinations, lifting portcullis gates, extended tagging, sooner stamina regen), however Eidaa has an Energetic Trait, in that an enter is needed. The trait is named Resupply, and it does simply that. When visiting any empty gearbox Eidaa can press an enter to in an instant refill its inventory, offering important pieces for her allies and even herself.

Hail Mary Defend

One of the professional and pleasurable moments to drag off in Hood is the “Hail Mary” lengthy distance headshot on an enemy participant as they’re winching the treasure. Till now there hasn’t ever been an evident or efficient counter to this (instead of firing at the sniper with your personal ranger), however Eidaa’s final talent, the Bulwark, supplies a chance to grasp save your teammates as they winch to victory. As soon as charged Eidaa can deploy a big power defend that acts as a brief barrier to incoming missiles and explosives. It received’t remaining lengthy, and it may be destroyed after taking injury, but when timed appropriately it makes Eidaa the easiest defender in probably the most video games most important stages. It’s nonetheless conceivable for pleasant avid gamers to fireplace during the defend as they shield the target, and whilst the facility is lively Eidaa additionally advantages from larger motion velocity to additional strengthen her defensive features. That is an crucial buff, as it is important to stand up shut and private to make the most efficient use of Eidaa’s distinctive preventing taste…

The Hybrid Warrior

In every other spoil from the present categories, Eidaa is perfect described as a hybrid melee fighter. Either one of our present melee characters (John and Tooke) use a block and parry to shield themselves from incoming assaults, and each our ranged characters (Robin and Marianne) use an evade to flee threat. Eidaa makes use of each an evade and parry to flee and counter assaults. It is a large distinction to the preventing taste and may take a short time for seasoned avid gamers to evolve to, but it surely’s designed that technique to enhance her offensive assaults – a handy guide a rough barrage of sword swipes and slashes.

Whilst Eidaa may no longer have the top injury output of John’s hammer or Tooke’s flail, she is agile sufficient to go away her combatants dazed and reduce to ribbons in a one-on-one come upon. Her curved blade can glide gracefully between the slashes of her gentle assault, or unharness a spinning assault the usage of her heavy. She too can employ a operating overhead strike to deal serious injury. Make sure that you keep watch over the stamina gauge as she is a much more sleek fighter than the present tank-like brawlers.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Power in Numbers

With velocity on her aspect and an arsenal of thrilling new talents, Eidaa is an exhilarating addition with regards to workforce synergy. However she’s a ways from a lone wolf, running perfect together with the opposite Outlaws who’ve the abilities to enrich her playstyle and create alternatives to capitalize on her defensive features. Within the State Heist (PvE) and Outlaw Heist (PvPvE) recreation modes numerous categories will all the time have the higher hand, and operating as a pack continues to be the most efficient tactic for luck.

Shape Follows Amusing                   

As with the entire Outlaws, Eidaa had an eventful existence sooner than touchdown at the shores on medieval England and becoming a member of the group of their woodland hideout. Eidaa’s backstory will probably be printed within the collectible tapesties unlocked by way of finishing Heists. We researched and created backstories and recreation mechanics for most of the vintage characters from the Robin Hood legends, however with Eidaa we would have liked to create our personal addition to these stories and no longer be restricted by way of legacy. Our imaginative and prescient for the nimble swordfighter with the tactical components of an engineer is actually realised in Eidaa and we’re having a look ahead to seeing how the group undertake her very distinctive set of abilities.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is to be had now for Xbox One and Xbox Collection X|S. Get the Yr 1 Version, together with the bottom recreation and Yr 1 Combat Cross Pack, to get entry to 3 top class Combat Passes, because of be launched after the preliminary unfastened Season, for a 12 months of unique cosmetics!

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Xbox Live

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Focal point House Interactive



We’re all Outlaws… however a few of us will change into Legends.

Confronted with a cruel, unchecked state, rebels and rogues struggle to assert their position amongst legends. To win affect with an oppressed other people, rival gangs compete in bold heists to hit the rich the place it hurts. Folks hero or gold-hungry outlaw, simplest the most efficient will break out with hard earned riches.

Two groups of four avid gamers compete to execute the easiest heist, in medieval environments patrolled by way of fatal AI guards. With the original abilities and mystical talents of every personality, shifting in stealth to scouse borrow treasures unseen or dominating via loud and brutal struggle.

Blood will probably be spilled. Riches will probably be stolen. Legends will probably be reborn.

• Outplay combatants in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists
• Enjoy a violent medieval international the place mysticism competes with man-made energy and corruption
• Declare your loot and spend money on perks, guns and ambitious new seems
• Publish-launch enhance with new maps, characters, recreation modes and occasions

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Year 1 Edition

Xbox Live

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Yr 1 Version

Focal point House Interactive



Yr 1 Version comprises the overall Hood: Outlaws & Legends recreation and the Yr 1 Combat Cross Pack.

Yr 1 Combat Cross Pack comprises 3 Combat Passes to unencumber throughout Yr 1, protecting 3 Seasons:

Ongoing Combat Cross:
• Season 1: Samhain – Combat Cross

Subsequent Combat Cross:
• Season 2: Xmas – Combat Cross
• Season 3: Ostara – Combat Cross

Each and every Combat Cross comprises unique unlockable pieces, together with outfits, weapon skins and banners.

Development via tiers to unencumber the cosmetics by way of taking part in video games and incomes revel in issues. Cosmetics are unique to a Combat Cross and will simplest be unlocked throughout the respective Season. When Season 2 arrives, Season 1 development will probably be locked.

Some Combat Cross pieces are unfastened, which means any participant can development during the Combat Cross. You’ll wish to purchase the Combat Cross to unencumber the paid pieces.

We’re all Outlaws… however a few of us will change into Legends.

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