fiftieth Anniversary of Prabhupada Placing Ananta Sesha in Foundation Pit

fiftieth Anniversary of Prabhupada Placing Ananta Sesha in Foundation Pit
By Sunanda Das,   |  Jan 28, 2022

Prabhupada Placing Ananta Sesha within the TOVP Foundation Pit, 1972

1972 was a yr in Sridhama Mayapur full of many beginnings. The Radha Madhava Golden Jubilee Festival from March 2 – 5 commemorates 4 of them. These embody:

  • fiftieth Anniversary of Chota Radha Madhava’s Installation/Arrival
  • fiftieth Anniversary of the ISKCON Mayapur Gaur Purnima Festival
  • fiftieth Anniversary of Prabhupada Placing the Ananta Sesha Murti
  • fiftieth Anniversary of Jananivas Prabhu as Mayapur Head Pujari

In a earlier article, we’ve offered the arrival of chota Radha Madhava. This article focuses on the putting of the Ananta Sesha murti within the TOVP Foundation by Srila Prabhupada’s personal hand.

Acyutananda Das remembers:

Bhaktivaibhava Puri Maharaja from the Gaudiya Math assisted with the ceremony and preparations. He personally hand-made a mud altar for the puja of Ananta Sesha and whereas within the basis pit provided cash, gems, arati, and so forth. with Prabhupada current. When Prabhupada arose from the pit he laughingly mentioned:
“That is the primary I went right into a ditch”


Bhavananda Das remembers:

There was no cornerstone ceremony per se as I recall. Rather there was the ceremony of putting Ananta Sesha in a six-foot deep pit and cementing him in a small field of brick and cement. The goal was in order that Ananta Sesha might assist your complete undertaking on His hoods. Prabhupada himself did that together with his Godbrother Puri Maharaja from Vishakapatna. The ceremony came about on Gaur Purnima, 1972.



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